Correction Altina V03 by Armaell

Thank you getdeep for noticing me of a duplicate chapter problem. (also a grammar mistake)
I also noticed a chapter missed its number while passing by ^^

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Mother of Learning V01 by Armaell

Well, you did seen nothing, but I just get out of a lot of technical problems. Like it took me two days to generate the pdf file after everything was done. Simply because my computer didn't wanted to open the folder were it was ... On the same time, the website was "virtually" down. It was in fact frozen, the cache didn't wanted to refresh, or being removed. So I couldn't do anthing since whatever I was doing, what was displayed never changed ... Good mess.

But at least I have a good news ! After being asked, I asked the author if I could do it, and now I have done Mother of Learning by nobody103 ! (sadly, no answer from the illustrator who did .. well illustrations. So no pictures in this version. Maybe later) And what can I say about it ? Mmmmh, like it was actually in my "To Read List". And while I was doing the epub file, we could say I got caught in.. Love the story !

The author need to be praised to be able to do this ; I believe, really hard exercise. Were it's really easy to end up boring the reader. But no, it's an incredible story.
Even the way things are told on the school life make me think : That's how Harry Potter should have been.
Yes Yes, nobody103, I'm comparing you to a world best-seller.

And to end this comment. One thing I think it's the proof of what differentiate thos who write web-fictions and true amateur writers : nobody103 have already a plan, since he said he would do 3 arcs. It means he know where he is going.

Have fun reading it, Even more if you never did !

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Mushoku Tensei Complete and my way of work by Armaell

Mushoku Tensei, I know there have already be done as epub, and as pdf who is more often done. I even have a visitor who contacted me to propose his work and I thank him to do so.
None of them was of a quality I would judge correct by my standards.

Why ?
Simply there is 25 volumes, and often those who do those files are too lazy and just launch a program who do all the work, then upload them.
Not really more.
And what happen ? files with messed chapter titles, with broken presentation, or the presence of part of the website who hosted the text in the epub. Definitely the proof of automated work.

And it don't please me, I loved this serie, and it's part of the reason I started this, to keep them for a long time. Either in the case they aren't published, or I yet to buy them (Spice&Wolf is still waiting me).

So what's different with me ?
Yes, I have also a program to do part of the work, but It's not a magic one, it only prepare the book. When it is done, I still correct all the mistakes he do by checked behind him, chapter by chapter. Delete artifacts, enhance the presentation on need, choose the best placement for illustrations, add decorations, style it, add acknowledgement and so on.
With all that, in place of doing 25 volumes in 5 seconds (time my software do the work), it take me one hour by volume. With 25, it mean I worked (actually a little more, firsts one are always longer) 25 hours on this serie !
It need to be noted.

I also want to note, I don't simply host my files on megaupload or something like that, then forget about them. I keep them all here, with a contact form at finger reach. So if there is any problem (like the BlueFire case) I'm available to correct my work and continue to make it better.

Yes, I'm dedicated, my name is actually on them. (the username, not family name. But I like it)

With that, I didn't talked a lot about Mushoku Tensei... But is it really needed ?
Else, if you didn't read it yet, you should.

Ho yeah, apart I'm really tired of the japanese's loli obsession, so I try to forget Roxi is a way to insert loli in this story. Yeah, she is just a magician, like any.

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Game world or A different world ? V03->06 by Armaell

Here a cup of Tea
It's important to have one to read this story. You should also prepare an other one, and one other again just to keep the pace.

Funny story, light to read and entertaining as you wish. And here the authour bring us the end of this part. Volume 6 is the end of [Game world or A different world ?] but Just4Fun the author promised it was only the first part, and after a break the time to think what to do, he will start the second one.

Let's with him good luck on that !

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Statistics by Armaell

Armaell's avatar

This is a function I was working since quite some time !
Ok, I just checked the date, and it look like it's not even a week .. Well, it seemed very long for me.

So now ! You have now access to a bunch of stats on the website. The link is at the bottom of the books/authors list on the frontpage.

With that, you'll see first the number of weekly visitors, just so you know I'm not writing alone for nobody. Yeah, people come here ^^
(And it's number of visitors, if you come once, or ten time in the week, you'll only be counted once)

With that weekly stat come the most downloaded books of the week. Check the most popular one here.

There is also a graph showing if it's either the pdf or the ebooks which are more popular. At the moment it's really balanced. Interesting enough, one month ago, pdf files was clearly winning. I should try to find where this difference of trend come from.

The other really interesting stat for visitors is the longest serie. Calculated on the number of words, you can find which serie will keep you busy for long.
... I'm just thinking I should add the number of books too on this graph. Because it's also interesting how the number of words in one book can change drastically ! Like how Altina with 3 books have only 10% more words than Forgotten Conqueror with its only book ([The World] isn't counted)

At last, just to not have a too small page, I added the language of origin. It was also for my personal curiosity to have an overview on that.

Now, I know not a lot of you will check it, also the link is at the bottom of the page so it's not really visible. But it's also only for curious ;)

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Age of Heroes V01 by Armaell

Quality Work.
That will probably the name of this first book.

I didn't read it, but be sure it is in my todo list !
What I know, is that this serie is first ranked at Which can hint of the quality (even if quality isn't popularity. [see PS:])
After that, we took some time with the author to give it the best appearance for it. I'm pretty happy to have now some of my books which have differents style and vibes. (even if it was cool to have some sort of a "brand")
And at last and the more important, I'm not doing the ebooks in one go. No. The author have his work being totally reviewed by two Proofreaders and I'm only doing the binding after them. So expect a definitely high quality for an amateur fiction !
Also, since I'm doing at the rythme of proofreader, have some patience between two books and praise their hard working.

PS : Seriously, I don't know if "Knights of Emerald" has been popular outside of France, and judging by the size of the french and the english wikipedia page, it seem not. But this was a piece of crap ! (apart the first or two volume) And I was ashamed to see so many people reading it, devouring it. published once every sixth month, big as a brick. The writing was totally rushed. And now, it's still in the best selling after all those years. A shame for all good readers, but well, it mean that those amateur writer have a lot of future if they have that as competition !

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