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What a good day !
Page by page, in the next 24h, the website will gradually change.
Here come the full revamp of the website design.
Cleaner, better, stronger !
It now look more modern, on desktop it will use the full size of the page, the decorations are sweeter, on mobile it should have a lot less of things breaking, it allow me more space for my links with better arrangement of the space and a more logical navigation.

Like by example, before for knowing where was the RSS and Search button, you had to look for it ! They were misplaced for the simple reason I never made place at the start for them, and I had to found a place for them without breaking the design.

The navigation is a lot faster, with the full list on the left bar, with quick and advanced search ready to use. It also don't have the 3s delay like the precedent search function. It's now instant !

Also, I'm now fully integrating the genre tags, it's now not only a things for the search page but a fully useful information. Hope it will help you find new good reading at your taste.

Well and so on with other amelioration.

I hope you'll like it ! Don't hesitate to contact me if there is problem for the navigation, especially on mobile.
Have an awesome day like me. o/

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Overlord V06 by Armaell

Hi everyone !
thank you for staying with me :)
I'm seeing less new visitors recently, but my dayly visits don't drop at all, look like I'm starting to have hooked some guys with me here ^^
Yup, I'm quite happy :D
(See how much I'm happy ! Three smileys in three sentences, when I'm trying to avoid them in posts)

Well, about the release, Overlord volume 06 !
I'm always impressed by the speed and quality of the guys at SkyTheWood, those chapters are huge, and yet, they go soo fast that I always have two volumes of Overlord in my [On the pipes] section.. yup, it mean more than two volumes by month. It's insane.

On this release, I also added the afterword in Volume 05 that I have forgotten, it also mean some illustrations.
Also, I corrected Volume 04 in which I used the wrong break separators, now they match with the other Overlord volumes.
(In most of the books I do, I use "* * *" separator, in Overlord, it's "- - - ☠ - - -")

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Altina V04 by Armaell

Here come Altina Volume 04 !

I nearly forgot about the release date !
I have been totally busy on the new version of the website since one week that I didn't paid attention to the agenda at all...
Well, I wanted to release the new version today last date, since I have a school project due in two weeks now, and I have to absoluty switch on it now.
So I tried to update the website 20min ago.... I faile miserably ><

First the maintenance message who prevent anybody but me to enter, just prevented to access the homepage !
Then the new files don't want to connect correctly between them.
And when I see the disaster and failing to correct it on the fly I reactive the current version... only to see the "homepage" filter don't want to desactivate. Fuck yeah !

So nothing have been done but 10min of downtime.
It will give me some time to finish what's not done yet (the page search, and stat page)
Add last details.
And then not do the update in a rush time.

So !
See you soon !

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Way of choices ch0-90 by Armaell

It's celebration time !
I'm happy to say it's the first Chinese novel going in this library. I end this long time when Chinese was selectable in the search page, but returned nothing, that Chinese was also indicated in the stats page with a beautiful 0% of presence... No ! Now we have ONE. And maybe one day a second. Who knows.

For this book, again I didn't read it, I have been asked.
The thing is : it's not split in books... So I can't do it too. So I choosed to just compile them 30 by 30, not really nice.
Then, if anybody don't like it, have read them, and can gather some Will, I'l gladly accept a possible book spliting following the story. So, bring your propositions !

Thanks Binggo&Corp for its translation and,
Have a good reading :)

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Transcendence? by Armaell

Aaaaaand it's done ! At last !
Seriously Andur, I hate you for adding colors to your text, well, it took me more than a week to do this file so every reader, you better appreciate his work !

So, Transcendence which is taking place in the universe of Until Death?, if you didn't read it yet I advise you before, even if it can be read without.

A little precision, those books are advised to be read on a black background, it's better for the colors.

Until Death? was the first epub I ever did, I also worked on it a little to clean it, correct display bugs, uniforming spacing, etc. Also, I thanks Adam Lynx Lnx for the upscaled version of the cover of both Until Death? and Transcendence?, it's seriously better like that !

Download the epub/pdf and enjoy this funny story from Andur.

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The Lazy King V1 by Armaell

For this volume, I can't I have been lazy. Aske by a visitor, did it right on the spot ! Well, only 8 chapters, not too many translator's notes. The work was minimal so I didn't had any reasons to not do it !

So, I don't even know what it's about apart the MC is lazy... I took the opportunity to take my basic book style and ... strip it of nearly everything ! Lazy style is minimal style. Hope you'll appreciate the idea.

Enjoy !

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