Contact form working again by Armaell

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This was something bothering me since some time.
Before I was receiving something like one mail by day. And since some time : Nothing....
Well, I tested the contact form, and magic, it didn't worked ...

I announce the contact form works again !
Sorry. It also mean if you sent a mail I never answered, it's because I never received it. Please contact me again.

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Once a Hero - Book 1 by Armaell

This is a story I absolutely wanted to do even before I had half-read the first book. This is such a captivating story it's incredible. I have also never worked this long on any other story expect those of Andur. The reason being that Until Death? was the first ebook I did, and so I didn't had any tools, nor I knew them.
For Once a Hero... When I tried to use them, my script crashed at the tenth chapter... Mean I had to do it manually then. (Also mean I have to work again on my tools).

It also mean that Once a Hero isn't a simple story, it's a complex one, thought thoroughly with a complex writing. To display it, you'll have to have a good application. By example I know a lot of you use Moon+Reader (I did too), if you ever try to read with (this shit), well, it will be near impossible. You won't understand what's happening.
I strongly advise my visitors to check on the FAQ, I added a section to test your epub reader, if it fail, just check the other section giving links to good epub readers.

Else, just take the PDF hey... It's less cooler, but less work too.

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The Licensing and The Advertising by Armaell

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The Licensing of Overlord made quite a stir on reddit, meaning the translation would be stopped, and people would have to wait a long time before reading the volumes after 9.

For me, it's a little headache too, I didn't planned this case yet and I have been thinking about since the announcing. Until this week, I had an illumination. Yen Press is based in the USA, they licensed for the USA, and probably not the France. However, my server is located at Paris (as you can see, my host is ebooks.armaell.FR, yes I'm french). So, after a law check, I could probably let the files be on my website.

Yeah, this a been my thinking for about 10 min under the shower.


But I had to remember myself why I was doing this website, and in what I believed. I needed to not fall on the dark side. The common sens have been twisted with the internet piracy easily available and I had to stay right.

What is the point of fan translation ?
Make available another type of reading, another culture which doesn't exist in Western countries. (Yeah, Oceania countries and South Asia will be counted in, sorry, I know that a good chunk of visitors come from there).

What is the point of licensing ?
Make available those books in Western Countries, and give a remuneration for it to the Author.

What is the point of this website ? Help readers to read novels.

And so. I remembered that I shouldn't go against licensing. In fact, I should help it. That's why I'll first get down Overlord with Skythewood. I'll get down one month after my last addition. So if you want to download them, it will be at this time.
So the Overlord download links will be replaced by links to buy the books by Yen-Press.

It lead me to another point. It's been a good time I was thinking about adding a little remuneration on the website. At first I wanted to add them only when I'll have to upgrade the server, but since I'm preparing someting similar I'll do it now. And it will be on this form : I'll add links to licensed books. On those links, I'll get a percentage if either you buy them by me.
It mean it will be a non-intrusive ads, not ugly, and purposeful one. (not the ad-sense nonsense)

What I'll do with the money : (if ever it give me anything...) -Pay the server. I first paid this server for personal use I don't have to explain which. The Library appeared after. So paying the server with this money will already be like a remuneration for me. -Donations. I plan to reuse what's left after paying the server to do donations to authors/translator I think are worth it. To motivate and thanks them for there work. -Buy books. If really I earn a substantial amount, I'll buy books for myself hehe. So in the end, it's also for the authors.

Thank you for reading it. And I hope you understand my actions.
Personally, I'm happy how I managed the ad case. They should appear on the next 24h on authors page.

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Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankei Nai yo ne Complete by Armaell

There is those little discoveries which make you happy. You are like : "I did it".
And this serie is on of those.
Baka-Tsuki indicate that this serie is still translated and active (One update within 3 months). One further cheking learn me it's been 99 days.
Oh, it's more than 3 months ! (ok, not a lot).
Still, we can consider that the serie sin't translated anymore, with chapters missing in the middle. I've seen too many of those at Baka-Tsuki. Too bad to stop this close to the end...
Wait a minute ! By checking the site of the respective translator, I see that they have each there own parts of the serie, and together they make it complete ! It's jsut not completely hosted on Baka-Tsuki.

So, by knowing a lot of readers will be stopped at the sighting of a serie whith holes on it on Baka-Tsuki. Or that by seeing it directly on one of the translator and they don't have it complete they will abandon the idea to read it.
So much work going to a waste....

Then, it's an honour to reunite all the chapter of this serie in one place. I present the translation done by inaba, Trarc and zgmfx09a.

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Samayou Shinki no Duelist V01 & V02 by Armaell

I have a problem with lolis. I can't stand them. I think I'll add a warning about lolis on novel pages... Well, some like them tho. So I can't do anything.
Plus, I didn't read it yet, but with the illustrations, I'm believing there is a loli, so maybe there isn't ?

Let's say : discover if there is a loli or not by reading it !

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A Slight Smile is Very Charming Side Stories by Armaell

LilZah recently completed the side stories of A Slight Smile is Very Charming. And so here I also bring them as mobile files for your conveniance.
I love when novels are completed.
So let's thanks again our translator LilZah for his goodwork. He even comment a lot his translation for a easy reading (and a pain for me to compile fufu)

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