Wu Dong Qian Kun - Arc 1 by mors

'Sup folks.

New series, and the second one on this site by Tian Can Tu Dou, after The Great Ruler.

On the Journey of Self-cultivation, One Requires Control of Ying and Yang , Good Fortune, To Reach for Nirvana, Mastery over Life and Death, Power over Reincarnation. At the peak of Martial Arts, break the Heavens and shake the Universe!

Thanks to the translators at YellowLaw Translation, who just today moved over to WuxiaWorld! Happy coincidence?

I'm planning to bring the third series, Battle through the Heavens, by the same author, very soon! So if you liked TGR or WDQK, wait for it!

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The Great Ruler - Arc 1 by mors

Folks, it's me, mors, again! And this time I bring proper tribute (i.e., a xianxia).

You can't believe how much armaell bitched at me for my last release (Destruction Flag Otome) not being a xianxia... o_o

I kid, I kid.

Here you go!

Don't forget to thank the translators, and read the next chapters (arc 2 is currently being translated) from the translators site!

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Destruction Flag Otome (WN) by mors

Hello, readers!

I'm mors, and I've recently started collaborating with armaell to bring even more ebooks to you dedicated leechers. ^_^

I'll (mostly) work on Chinese novels (more specifically Xianxia) because ebooks are comparatively scarce, as well as web novels (same reason). I might do a few proper LNs as well if there don't seem to be epubs around.

Recently armaell has added some of my ebooks here, for example Desolate Era and Against the Gods. They've been quite popular, so I'm glad for that.

Now, without further ado! Downlad it with the link below.

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Kuro no Maou V01-V12 by Armaell

And this is my 30th project !
Let's call that a Milestone ! Some would argue it isn't, but at least it's a multiple of ten so it's all right.
With that my left bar containing all the (31) links start to be pretty long :D
(31 because 30, minus one taken down, plus two made by mors)
It already remind me one of the reason I first revamped the website was because the navigation list was starting to be too big. I fear now that when I'll reach 50, I'll have to find something again.... Argh, hard life :S
Still, I'm happy to see this library growing, a true pleasure after 5 month to still be going.

By the way, I just added share links to all download pages since I've seen a growth of social sharing recently.

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Desolate Era Arc 1-5 by Armaell

I've just learned that my slave in fact got rights, and hurry me to be called by his name. Where the world is going ? I can't even not respect my own possession !
At least he is free, that's the last good point he have. And that he work but less tha that and we can't call that a slave anymore. tsk.

Well, Hi to mors.
He has been doing ebooks too for Chinese translated novels, and will now host his work here with me. A work that I appreciate.

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Against the Gods Arc 1-2 by my new slave by Armaell

When you've read enough eastern work, you know that slave are cheap, obedient, you can find everywhere and are all girls prettier than the precedent !
So yeah, I succumbed and got one myself too. I found this one laying among thrash, Saved this poor soul and suddenly I got a loyal slave.
And so he will now help me doing the hard work that are Chinese novels.
Wait... he ? .... Oh damn, that's not a pretty girl. I've been cheated here è_é !!

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