0. Terminology

The website is defined as the service available at http://armaell-library.net and hosted by OVH.

Ebooks are defined as all epub (application/epub+zip), pdf (application/pdf) and mobi (application/x-mobipocket-ebook) files hosted by the website and their content including text and illustrations.

Author is defined as the original writer of text in its original language.

Translator is defined as a non-paid (fan) translator of a text to english.

Licensed is defined as global and/or English publishing rights.

1. Terms of Use

All content on the website is available for free and are submitted under the license of their respective copyright holders.

Under no circumstances will you:

2. Copyright Policy

All ebooks original and/or translated, belong to their respective copyright holders in their respective countries.

All ebooks will be deleted without warning upon request by the copyright holders.

3. Privacy Statement

Any information given willingly to the website is solely used to provide convenience services and will not be sold to third parties.

Cookies are either use to:

All mail sent to the website are the property of the website; and therefore their content (sender name, date and message body) can be reused.

4. Modification Rights

The website may change, add, suspend, cancel, remove or otherwise modify the services offered on this website at any time without prior notice.

5. Advertisers and Sponsors

The website is not responsible for the actions of its advertisers/sponsors. Users following any advertised link must comply to the terms and conditions of the advertiser.