The Devil's Spice 5 by Armaell

I've checked a number of videos on how to cook a good steak, especially while I was still a beautiful flower just out of its garden, flying through the world, and only knowing how to cook pasta, and make a chewy steak.

For all you noobs still searching how to impress a girl, even with just a steak, you need two things :

The first step is for the steak to not be chewy. Duuh~~  
Well, Oil your pan, bring it at high temperature, put your steak a moment, on both faces. Then lower the temperature before letting it finish cooking.

Now it's eatable ! But it's just a steak... and pasta.
Well, here's the secret : SPICES, SPICES AND FUCKING SPICES. This changes freacking everything and it took me way too long to understand. Sprinkle the sh*t outta your steak, your pasta and all.

Also, you can now read the fifth volume of The Devil's Spice. I'm waiting for the illustrations to be done before making the sixth.

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High School DxD 22 to 25 by Armaell

Yep, I'm happy of the work here, they are truly good looking those two pairs of.... I mean two times two so FOUR novels of High School DxD ! Which happens to be the last four.

Now you can have finally have the whole serie by Armaell's Library. No more mismatch.

I'm also happy about the slight styling rework I've made of how series I displayed. I hope you'll like it too.

Enjoy, and thanks Baka-Tsuki for their work !

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Gimme your cookies by Armaell

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Hi, no releases here, just a technical update of the website, but an important one!
Ads, donations, cookies and GRPD

Ads and Donations

I've heard your complaints about the ads, I never liked them too, but I did not have much idea what to do instead.

And now, here's a step away from them! The website accepts donations.
If you make a donation, the website will instantly disable ads, for everyone.
The duration will depends of the server cost. If you donate one month worth of server costs, then the ads will be disabled for a month!

You can find the donation link after every downloads, or in the FAQ.

Thank you for your help

Cookies and GRPD

A little late, since I was away, but the Library is now compliant with the GRPD. Mainly, you will be able to appreciate the beautiful and despised cookie banner!

And other stuff

And other really boring stuff, like did you knew that the staff couldn't use the search bar due to a bug present since years? Well the fix was long overdue.

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Not Early, still Fairy (13-18+20) by Armaell

Hi, I'm Armaell
You may know me if you're a long visitor, since my last update was one year ago for adding a cover in an epub. Or two years ago for my last real update.
You may also know me for having my name in the actual website name!

Well, I'm back, at last. And you can expect regular updates again.

For this first update, I bring you Earl and Fairy, volumes 13 to 18, plus 20. I've also fixed the volume 11 download links
DayDream still worked beautifully, and I hope giving satisfaction to their readers.

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Death mage Volume 8 by Noitrus

Volume 8 is finally up! So far it seems one of the longest by sheer amount of chapters. Those who had enough patience to wait for a book (probably not many considering our low activity now) will likely have a treat. 

As always support author and translator and have a great read!

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Cookin with Wild Game is licensed by swhp

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Hi everyone,

Long time no see, eh. I'm very sorry that this site never updated and yet when I shown up I bring you, not sure will you interpret this as good or bad news, that I need to taking down Cooking with Wild Game since it's licensed by JNC, here you can read the preepub:

Well, I'm really sorry for the lack of update, especially from me. However, with Armaell gone missing the motivation sure goes down. I think is not only me but it goes for everyone, before the boss coming back enjoy the available series in here.

I know maybe this is a little bit earlier, but Merry Christmas everyone :)

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