Fortifying my spirit under a waterfall

-> The important part is the last paragraph

No updates since I'm in vacations, at the mountains with ... no network... can't even send a damn sms to my gf without walking for at least 10min !
Well, at least it's relaxing.

When I'll be back, it will be time for doing Transcendence? and trying to correct a little Until Death? which was my first work. apparently there is some problems but I don't know how much time it will take me. I'll probably have to redo it ...

In another side, I'm reading a chinese fiction, the third time I try, and I feel for the first time I'll won't drop it in the middle ! Yatta ! (pardon me the japanese here)
It's "A Step Into the Past", I have just a little problem with how women are depicted, and don't know if I hope it's not a fantasy of the author that they behave like that, or the author know what he is talking and isn't writing his lust-dream.

With all that, some are asking me : Where are the epub/pdf for chinese fiction !? True that there is a section already reserved, but it's empty !
Actually I didn't read a lot of them (and as said, I dropped them all each time).
So now, I'm asking you : which chinese fiction would be good ?
Give me proposition in the comment or by mail. I'm searching at least a completed and a not completed, with no epub file (or a terrible one)
I'll choose after ;)


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Quiana / 13 Jul 2016 7:54
What I find so innrseetitg is you could never find this anywhere else.

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