Kuro no Maou V01-V12 by Armaell

And this is my 30th project !
Let's call that a Milestone ! Some would argue it isn't, but at least it's a multiple of ten so it's all right.
With that my left bar containing all the (31) links start to be pretty long :D
(31 because 30, minus one taken down, plus two made by mors)
It already remind me one of the reason I first revamped the website was because the navigation list was starting to be too big. I fear now that when I'll reach 50, I'll have to find something again.... Argh, hard life :S
Still, I'm happy to see this library growing, a true pleasure after 5 month to still be going.

By the way, I just added share links to all download pages since I've seen a growth of social sharing recently.

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Desolate Era Arc 1-5 by Armaell

I've just learned that my slave in fact got rights, and hurry me to be called by his name. Where the world is going ? I can't even not respect my own possession !
At least he is free, that's the last good point he have. And that he work but less tha that and we can't call that a slave anymore. tsk.

Well, Hi to mors.
He has been doing ebooks too for Chinese translated novels, and will now host his work here with me. A work that I appreciate.

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Against the Gods Arc 1-2 by my new slave by Armaell

When you've read enough eastern work, you know that slave are cheap, obedient, you can find everywhere and are all girls prettier than the precedent !
So yeah, I succumbed and got one myself too. I found this one laying among thrash, Saved this poor soul and suddenly I got a loyal slave.
And so he will now help me doing the hard work that are Chinese novels.
Wait... he ? .... Oh damn, that's not a pretty girl. I've been cheated here è_é !!

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Seiun wo Kakeru V01 by Armaell

A story refreshing, the kind without the usual tropes and really enjoyable.
Translated by Hachidori108

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Mother of Learning Illustrated by Armaell

Pocket Size Sleuth started doing some illustrations for Mother of Learning, actually there is 3. And probably new ones are coming !
Those 3 have been added to the ebook now that you can always download.

Now, when new illustrations will be done, I'll add them without notice here. So keep a check on her blog, and go support her work by commenting. She also wait people to choose and help in her work by answering polls.
You wish more illustrations ? Give her incentive !

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The Devil's Spice V01-V03 by Armaell

The majority here on this website are Japanese one, a little chunk are Chinese (it will change soon). But what I actually prefer are the Original English ones !

Ok, again I didn't read this one.. Sadly I do the ebooks faster than I read them hehe. But believe me it's in my to-read list

So go faster than me, take the lead and read it !

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