Seiun wo Kakeru V01 by Armaell

A story refreshing, the kind without the usual tropes and really enjoyable.
Translated by Hachidori108

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Mother of Learning Illustrated by Armaell

Pocket Size Sleuth started doing some illustrations for Mother of Learning, actually there is 3. And probably new ones are coming !
Those 3 have been added to the ebook now that you can always download.

Now, when new illustrations will be done, I'll add them without notice here. So keep a check on her blog, and go support her work by commenting. She also wait people to choose and help in her work by answering polls.
You wish more illustrations ? Give her incentive !

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The Devil's Spice V01-V03 by Armaell

The majority here on this website are Japanese one, a little chunk are Chinese (it will change soon). But what I actually prefer are the Original English ones !

Ok, again I didn't read this one.. Sadly I do the ebooks faster than I read them hehe. But believe me it's in my to-read list

So go faster than me, take the lead and read it !

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Do I keep douluo dalu ? by Armaell

Even if officials Epub and PDF exists (which took me time to find), I'm still surprised by the amount of download. So, what do I do ?

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A Slight Smile is Very Charming taken down by Armaell

I have been asked by LilZah to take down the ebooks files for A Slight Smile is Very Charming.
So they aren't available anymore here.

to read it, you'll still have to use the web version of the translator.

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Douluo Dalu V01-V23 by Armaell

I have been asked since a long time to do Chinese works. So I did A Slight Smile is Very Charming. But what I was really asked was in fact Wuxia and Xianxia. So here one !

Pretty long to do... 10min by book, ok it's short, what a bless ! But 10 min time 23 is 4 hours !!

Well, I just only found them ; the google drive of Blue Silver Translations kept sending me Error 500 until now. So I get them down and it's one thing less for me to manage (and a day wasted, yay \o/)

Up again after a poll

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