Daybreak on Hyperion V01 & V02 by Armaell

This morning,  I was casually browsing /r/lightnovels. Reading some discussions when I fell on that :

  • Zero no Tsukaima is licensed - aaargh ! Good for it, but it mean I'll probably never read the end !
  • The license has been cancelled - fiuu, I still have hope to surprise my friend fan of the anime with a good english training
  • Because the author died - ... Fuck it.

While we will mourn the loss of Noboru Yamaguchi, I propose for those who don't know about it yet, to read Daybreak on Hyperion. Akin to Zero no Tsukaima, apart it's not light, and not Japanese. Enjoy this excellent reading with the two first volumes while the author, Aorii is resuming the writing with the third.

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Altina the sword princess V01->03 by Armaell

This is the first release since I made the blog.. It means it's also the first post ! Hype !
This is also the first two books (not volume 1) to be made by my new awesome home-made program which make me go pretty faster (and also my work prettier, but you don't care).

So, this is a lot of first time. But all is good. Even with all those first time there won't be any problems and you can leisurely enjoy again the three first books of Altina translated by Skythewood.

(I love this name, "Altina", seriously, I'll go take a change sex operation right now so I'll can name myself like that)

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