The New Gate V01-2

This project was on my section [On the pipes] since probably the start of my website ! I was waiting for Shin to end the second volume to do a double release in place of a lone one.... Well the wait was long, and I received enough to be counted of "When do you do it ?"

And here it is !

I don't have quite a lot to say on it, apart it's a relaxing story.
Oh ! Maybe I fear a little the side on which it's going : We have three girls around a only MC.. Too much to my style, I fear the harem. But since it have Romance tag, and not Harem tag. I still have good expectations.

Aside, I'm going on a vacation, then some work needs to be done that I postponed quite a bit. So probably no releases for some time.
Add adding that what I still have in my pipes is only loooong projects (Hello Transcendence?). So, releases ? Not soon. Enjoy the end of your summer ! Stop reading, get out !


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