Sayonara Piano Sonata Complete

Hi back everyone !
I'm definitely always happy to see peoples sending me mails, for anything, be it "Hey, can you do that ?", "I read this, Can you say me more", or "there is a problem here".
Anything, because it those beautiful numbers by which I see you, like "number of total visitors, number of download by series, google keyword used" says me : "Hey, your website is used". Those mail say me more : "Your work is appreciated enough that peoples are willing to take their time for me too".

Now, take the point that in the last mail I received :

will look forward what you bring next. ;)

Thank you for this support and belief ! Now, how do I choose ? First are the series I liked too much to let them without epub/pdf, the reason I started. like Until Death?, Overlord, or Mushoku Tensei Others are the popular one, often asked. Some are Mother of Learning or Age of Heroes. And the last part is : the little gems I find.

Sayonara Piano Sonata, never heard of it before falling on it while browsing translator blogs to translator blogs. It looked cute, it was short and completed, and also bring a under-represented genre in my library. Which is school-life-romance ! There is also the music part, a little hard in a book I suppose, but the translator did an awesome work by trying to find all the musics and giving us direct links to youtube. Take your time to enjoy it with music in the background !


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