Death mage Volume 6 by Noitrus

Yet another volume finally finished, yet the story is no less amazing. 

Love and support for author and translator, and have a great weekend everyone.

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Skyfire Magus Book 3 by Asura

This is it Ladies and Gentlemen! Novel lovers and Novel Critics! This is it! The last Book of Skyfire Magus! This was a enjoyable ride with twist and turns i didn't expect, memorable characters and one of the most shamless protags i ever read. This was one of the novels that broke me into making Epubs i hope everyone who don't have constant or stable internet and loves some good'ol fantasy novels can enjoy this book the author been amazing and can't wait for his next work ;).

Got any request send them right here i'll be more attentive to replying back! Just don't ask me to do a novel thats  licensed (like Wuxiaworld and gravity tales sites novels) btw action + romance novel i'll def read and most likely will break me to attempting a epub heh alright look forward to my other epubs see you folks again!

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Death mage Volume 5 by Noitrus

Hello everyone and here's the fifth volume of DM. So happy with the return of the series now that TL is back from vacation, and still can't get enough of this story. 

By the way, the 1st volume has been updated with illustrations, both epub and pdf, re-download it if interested in checking them out.

Anyways, give support to Tl and author as always, and have a good read.

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Skyfire Magus Book 2 by Asura

Hello novel lovers once again! The new epub creator the one and only Asura is here for another announcement! I have made book of skyfire magus join us on a adventure that will make you laugh, cry and be mind blown by the awesomeness of our shameless mc Lynne! This is a awesome original that i cannot wait to see more of! If got any problems with this ebook just say something in the comments i get on everyday thanks for reading :D

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Second Life in Another World got licensed by Noitrus

Bad news (or maybe not) for everyone who likes Second life in another world. It recently got licensed by J-Novel Club,  in response, site links to volumes have been taken down. TL are keeping his content on his website for a little while, so you may grab it there while you can. And at least these series will be available to support officialy now.
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Skyfire Magus Book 1 by Asura

Hello novel lovers! Asura is here for another new novel to the library! It's called skyfire magus lets watch this awesome MC come from being peniless and pooor to the great skyfire magus! (warning this is the most shamless mc i have ever read in any book ever be prepared to laugh by all means however this is not a comedy but has alot of comedy moments!) Any questions just shoot in the comments i get on everyday! XD

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