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When I opened the website, I had three authors. Not quite a lot, and so having on the front page, the list of authors wasn't a problem, also it was easier for me in my code.

Now, I have 10 authors, still not so much, but on the front page, when you're new, you don't really know what's will be behind a name, no idea at all. Ok, even me while browsing, when I wanted to go on the page of a particular book, I had sometime some doubts on which author it was.. So, having the list of authors wasn't an option anymore.

Actually, even a list of books name isn't enough ! When you just read a name, it does say some little things, but not enough. I needed the possibility for the use to filter them by categories.
And so the need of a search function.
And here we are ! After a lot of back-end work to make you a neat search function. Enjoy my sweat.

For those who want to know :
Before, all my datas were stored on xml files directly. It was easy for me to maintain, just create a file, copy-paste the content of another author, and edit it. And voilà ! A new page is created.
While the home page just listed all the author directories. So that was why it was a easy for me to do like that.

Now, everything have been migrated to a MySQL database, it enable me to easily do functions like a research, or listing the same things in different ways : like "list by authors/list by books" that was have on the homepage.

The downside, it's a little annoying to enter new informations for me. Maybe later I'll do a administration page for that, but it's a lot of work for not so much gain when you're alone.

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Overlord V01->03 by Armaell

I'm actually going in every direction ! With the making of Mushoku Tensei who take a terrible amount of time ! Like, I take one hour to do a book, and there are 24 books ... you can do the math. Yep, that start to be a pain, but it's going smoothly.
Aside of it, the date for Game world or A different world? is drawing near, I have been asked to do Mother of Learning and now I'm waiting its author approval. I'm discussing with the author of Age of Heroes the files will be done.
Quite busy ! And that make me happy, I'm doing something at the end. And seeing the list of authors on my homepage is quite fulfilling.

And in the middle of that, I still find time to do the first three volumes of Overlord after seeing a request on reddit. (Yeah, I can't resist the tears of despair)
The fourth volume will be done following my "one month rule" for letting it to be thoroughly checked by the readers ; so it brings us to the 7 of august.

Guh, I talked too much, now if I want to talk about the novel, this post will make my few readers flee ! So, at a time I wanted to play dungeon keeper, but after seeing the critics, well I found it was better to not, sad, and hadn't the courage to play the first .. probably an error. Let's keep us away of the guilt of not playing this gem, by reading this novel and say ourself : that's the same as playing the game huahahaa~~

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Bluefire reader crash by Armaell

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I didn't knew of the bluefire reader, ok, I don't know about a lot ! I just use Moon+Reader for my Android, and the integrated reader of Sigil, my ebooks file editor.
And I can say, he is pretty good ! (at least for the windows version) .. ok, I just tested it like 30s, but it looked good. (some features like the number of columns adaptation were cool, and others like the lack of focus on dialogs were annoying. but hey, can't have everything).

The reason I'm talking about this reader is thankful to the report of someone (yes, it's the name he signed, too bad, the mail informations informed me it was actually Aladeanra).
My ebooks (nearly all) made Bluefire crash ! Yup, my files are this powerful 8D
Actually, it's just one code line (css) used to make the text on covers to be centered on the page, and when a css isn't supported by a reader, it should ignore it, but Bluefire really didn't liked this one and crashed ... not good.

For the time being, all .epubs have been edited and are now Bluefire-crash-free, with a little addition on covers. I think they are a little better.
In the same time, I have mailed Bluefire to warn them of this bug so they can patch it.

Thank you Aladeanra for noticing me. (and Bluefire will probably thank you by proxy)

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Evil God Average V01 by Armaell

When you read for the first time a story trope, you are like : My gawd, this is SO genius ! Totally original and of course, you totally buy in the story.
When you end it, and look around, and suddenly you see : oh, 15 stories on a dungeon master...
Now, which one is the original ? The true one ?

Nothing to be done, let's read them all and keep the best one !
... And for now, I only read crappy other ones ...
So let's remember LOTR is considered like the father or the fantasy, but it's actually not the creator of it, it is used as reference today because it's simply the best one on his age. Now you can read Evil God Average and think how I compared it to LOTR and say me : "You are totally going overboard, dude"

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Error 403 by Armaell

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After I moved the epub/pdf files from an external storage to be stored directly on the website 10 days ago, I got more than 600 visitors and nearly 300 downloads.

The problem is that I got two reports of download links not working and displaying an error 403. I think it's a pretty alarming percentage for the number of visitor, reduced by those who would take the time to hit the contact button.

I did some modification for the possible cause (for those who knows, I changed the chmod) and hope it will correct it. Now, if it don't, please contact me and I will try to continue to correct that.

For the time being, I will entertain myself by doing errors page.

Edit : Thank you Kareljuh for finding the problem !

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Forgotten Conqueror V01 by Armaell

There is two type of doing things : Being original, and push things further.
Of course, doing something new is rare and hard. So, let's say it, in Forgotten Conqueror there is not a lot of new ideas. But here is how you can become a master of those tropes.

OP MC, Fantasy world, Reincarnation, Academy School and so on. We're used in this writing style. But Za1d3 make something not a lot of amateur authors are able to do : having depth. Everything is thought and you just have to look at "The World", an encyclopedia of his world to understand it.

Actually, you just know it when a Fantasy story don't start by "An earthling is transported to another world". Here no Truck-san, the easy trope, you have a local born guy : just having this setting is often enough proof that the author is more serious than the average, in my point of view.

Take pleasure to read this first volume.

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