Frequently Asked Questions

We are eBook creators, we compile webstories in a downloadable file that you can then transport with you or store to your hard-drive.
Those files can then be read on any device like your phone, e-reader, or computer. (Avoid printing with your home printer, just go to a print shop.)

The stories found here are either original stories written by internet authors, or fan-translations. No illegal files are available.

Be advised that we neither write nor translate; please refer to the author/translator credited in the file or on the download page.

An epub is a file format made to be read on any electronic device (like a e-reader, phone, or computer). The reader settings can be configured on the fly to maintain the maximum reading comfort for your screen. Essentially an electronic version of a book.

Epub: Is made to be comfortable to read and is massively configurable. If you have the choice between epub and pdf take epub!.

Mobi: Take mobi depending on your reader: if you have a kindle, use mobi.

PDF: is made to either be printed, or contains heavily graphic content. It is not made to be comfortable, but practical.

To read an epub file, you need either an E-Reader, or an application on your phone/computer.
To use the E-Reader, just read the manual.

On your phone/computer you will need to install an application, be it one on the list below or another. After installation, often, you'll just have to click on the epub file to read it, it's that simple.

Adobe Digital Editions, Gitden, Vitalsource, Kobo
Adobe Digital Editions, Gitden, iBooks, Vitalsource, Kobo
Adobe Digital Editions, Readium (Chrome), Vitalsource, Kobo, Calibre
Adobe Digital Editions, Readium (Chrome), Vitalsource, Kobo, Calibre

For a complete list of readers, check this test. I strongly advise using a reader with a score better than 40%, under that, the reading experience can be greatly degraded.

You may wish to also test your reader .

Download this epub , follow the instructions and check if everything is displayed as indicated.

If not, I advise you to download a better reader; there is a non-exhaustive list just .

There are two main causes:

The page say it's blocked, or nothing happens after clicking on a download button:
Generally it's the ad before the actual link that has been blocked, either by your Office/ISP/Country. Follow this link that will take you back to the homepage, then try to download again. If you still cannot download, please use the contact form.
I get a 403 Forbidden:
Either you followed a direct download link to this website without visting the website first (It would consequently be unlikely you end up reading the FAQ if so), or it could be that you don't have cookies enabled. Please follow instructions to enable the cookies for your browser via Google.

Oh, my bad. Don't hesitate to contact us, explain what's happening, on which reader, and we'll work on a solution! The best option is to go to the corresponding download page, then click on the avatar of the creator and follow the contact link; It will directly contact the guy who created the file.

Send us a message about it and we'll see.
. However, we can't do everything. We refuse novels that are: dropped, licensed, or refused by the owner of the rights.

We do not have a release schedule. It depends on the eBook maker, and the series. However, if you think we forgot about a particular series, and it's been a few months, contact us. Please understand we do not do releases for each new chapter.

We do not host novels with an official release available; do not bother asking us to make it, or if we have it.

No, we just make novels available in ebook format.

Easy enough! Just contact us about it and we'll talk about how to proceed. We generally use the web version and shouldn't need the original file (for those writing on a offline file).

Please include information such as the chapter organization, and if you want to split the chapters into multiple volumes. Also the titles and covers for them. If you can't provide a cover, we furnish a basic, plain one.

At any moment you can send us a message to have your series removed.

If there aren't many changes, just send the list to us. If there are more, just give us the chapter(s)/book(s) to be remade from scratch. Please avoid sending us a message for every little change, please do it in a batch.

We do not host novels with an official release available.

If you plan to start writing, we just hope you are motivated. It's a long and tenious work, do not loose motivation after seeing few visitors after only a couple of weeks.

You own all properties of your writing and you can take it down at any moment.

Send a mail trough the contact form and an account will be created. An email address and a pen-name is required

Once your webnovel created, the first thing you can do is simply making your story more appealing by adding a cover.
The website give you a RSS flux for visitors to keep tabs on your novel, you can then use it to link it to a facbook page or a twitter feed.

Don't hesitate to enter our chat and join the #writing channel after being registered in the website.

We can, but we have some rules:

  • Credits have to be present.
  • It cannot be licensed.
  • The file needs to be correctly formatted.
  • The content must be in English.
We reserve the right to remove your links without notice. (Either you're not maintaining, or we replace, the links in favour of directly hosted files)

The best way to explain it is through a tutorial made by Armaell.

The simplest way is to just not hesitate to talk about us ! To your friends, on social networks, easy like that.
We also accept kinds words.
Or you can check the others question in this section.

Totally ! The server cost money. To mitigate it, we accept donations through PayPal.

Of course, just check our

Sure ! The library has been available since the 26th May 2015. We've got 261 series in our collection.

Since there will and there is already leachers, I prefer to offer a safe way to fetch the content while also alleviating slightly the strain on the server. You can get informations on it on the API Document page.