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When I opened the website, I had three authors. Not quite a lot, and so having on the front page, the list of authors wasn't a problem, also it was easier for me in my code.

Now, I have 10 authors, still not so much, but on the front page, when you're new, you don't really know what's will be behind a name, no idea at all. Ok, even me while browsing, when I wanted to go on the page of a particular book, I had sometime some doubts on which author it was.. So, having the list of authors wasn't an option anymore.

Actually, even a list of books name isn't enough ! When you just read a name, it does say some little things, but not enough. I needed the possibility for the use to filter them by categories.
And so the need of a search function.
And here we are ! After a lot of back-end work to make you a neat search function. Enjoy my sweat.

For those who want to know :
Before, all my datas were stored on xml files directly. It was easy for me to maintain, just create a file, copy-paste the content of another author, and edit it. And voilĂ  ! A new page is created.
While the home page just listed all the author directories. So that was why it was a easy for me to do like that.

Now, everything have been migrated to a MySQL database, it enable me to easily do functions like a research, or listing the same things in different ways : like "list by authors/list by books" that was have on the homepage.

The downside, it's a little annoying to enter new informations for me. Maybe later I'll do a administration page for that, but it's a lot of work for not so much gain when you're alone.


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