Overlord V01->03

I'm actually going in every direction ! With the making of Mushoku Tensei who take a terrible amount of time ! Like, I take one hour to do a book, and there are 24 books ... you can do the math. Yep, that start to be a pain, but it's going smoothly.
Aside of it, the date for Game world or A different world? is drawing near, I have been asked to do Mother of Learning and now I'm waiting its author approval. I'm discussing with the author of Age of Heroes the files will be done.
Quite busy ! And that make me happy, I'm doing something at the end. And seeing the list of authors on my homepage is quite fulfilling.

And in the middle of that, I still find time to do the first three volumes of Overlord after seeing a request on reddit. (Yeah, I can't resist the tears of despair)
The fourth volume will be done following my "one month rule" for letting it to be thoroughly checked by the readers ; so it brings us to the 7 of august.

Guh, I talked too much, now if I want to talk about the novel, this post will make my few readers flee ! So, at a time I wanted to play dungeon keeper, but after seeing the critics, well I found it was better to not, sad, and hadn't the courage to play the first .. probably an error. Let's keep us away of the guilt of not playing this gem, by reading this novel and say ourself : that's the same as playing the game huahahaa~~


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Kaed / 13 Jul 2016 9:02
Hallo Manuel, klasse, allein schon wegen der Idee, mein &#&2l0;Lieb2ing8#8221; ist die runterlaufenede Farbe (Colorfall) – Capitol verstehe ich nicht :( Beste Gruesse,Bernd

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