This is a function I was working since quite some time !
Ok, I just checked the date, and it look like it's not even a week .. Well, it seemed very long for me.

So now ! You have now access to a bunch of stats on the website. The link is at the bottom of the books/authors list on the frontpage.

With that, you'll see first the number of weekly visitors, just so you know I'm not writing alone for nobody. Yeah, people come here ^^
(And it's number of visitors, if you come once, or ten time in the week, you'll only be counted once)

With that weekly stat come the most downloaded books of the week. Check the most popular one here.

There is also a graph showing if it's either the pdf or the ebooks which are more popular. At the moment it's really balanced. Interesting enough, one month ago, pdf files was clearly winning. I should try to find where this difference of trend come from.

The other really interesting stat for visitors is the longest serie. Calculated on the number of words, you can find which serie will keep you busy for long.
... I'm just thinking I should add the number of books too on this graph. Because it's also interesting how the number of words in one book can change drastically ! Like how Altina with 3 books have only 10% more words than Forgotten Conqueror with its only book ([The World] isn't counted)

At last, just to not have a too small page, I added the language of origin. It was also for my personal curiosity to have an overview on that.

Now, I know not a lot of you will check it, also the link is at the bottom of the page so it's not really visible. But it's also only for curious ;)


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