Age of Heroes V01

Quality Work.
That will probably the name of this first book.

I didn't read it, but be sure it is in my todo list !
What I know, is that this serie is first ranked at Which can hint of the quality (even if quality isn't popularity. [see PS:])
After that, we took some time with the author to give it the best appearance for it. I'm pretty happy to have now some of my books which have differents style and vibes. (even if it was cool to have some sort of a "brand")
And at last and the more important, I'm not doing the ebooks in one go. No. The author have his work being totally reviewed by two Proofreaders and I'm only doing the binding after them. So expect a definitely high quality for an amateur fiction !
Also, since I'm doing at the rythme of proofreader, have some patience between two books and praise their hard working.

PS : Seriously, I don't know if "Knights of Emerald" has been popular outside of France, and judging by the size of the french and the english wikipedia page, it seem not. But this was a piece of crap ! (apart the first or two volume) And I was ashamed to see so many people reading it, devouring it. published once every sixth month, big as a brick. The writing was totally rushed. And now, it's still in the best selling after all those years. A shame for all good readers, but well, it mean that those amateur writer have a lot of future if they have that as competition !


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