New full design

What a good day !
Page by page, in the next 24h, the website will gradually change.
Here come the full revamp of the website design.
Cleaner, better, stronger !
It now look more modern, on desktop it will use the full size of the page, the decorations are sweeter, on mobile it should have a lot less of things breaking, it allow me more space for my links with better arrangement of the space and a more logical navigation.

Like by example, before for knowing where was the RSS and Search button, you had to look for it ! They were misplaced for the simple reason I never made place at the start for them, and I had to found a place for them without breaking the design.

The navigation is a lot faster, with the full list on the left bar, with quick and advanced search ready to use. It also don't have the 3s delay like the precedent search function. It's now instant !

Also, I'm now fully integrating the genre tags, it's now not only a things for the search page but a fully useful information. Hope it will help you find new good reading at your taste.

Well and so on with other amelioration.

I hope you'll like it ! Don't hesitate to contact me if there is problem for the navigation, especially on mobile.
Have an awesome day like me. o/


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lostn / 3 Feb 2016 11:36
I'm sorry but I can't seem to see the download button. I'm on desktop and my connection is pretty fast so I don't think it's the system. There's nothing but a box below the stories' synopsis. This applies to all series.
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cjayr369 / 3 Feb 2016 11:36
The page for the desktop looked really nice, it had a noticeable difference from the previous design. Although in this mobile it still use the design for the desktop. Hope that it would be fixed soon!
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cjayr369 / 3 Feb 2016 11:36
It's alright now... Just had to reconfigure my browser... I just saw the mobile version, the novels are below right. It does look like the desktop, almost thought that my browser or mobile is broken or something. Hehehe
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Williampl / 4 Jun 2016 14:49
I appreciate you sharing this article.Thanks Again. Really Cool. ebeeefefkefk Cronshaw

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