Altina V04

Here come Altina Volume 04 !

I nearly forgot about the release date !
I have been totally busy on the new version of the website since one week that I didn't paid attention to the agenda at all...
Well, I wanted to release the new version today last date, since I have a school project due in two weeks now, and I have to absoluty switch on it now.
So I tried to update the website 20min ago.... I faile miserably ><

First the maintenance message who prevent anybody but me to enter, just prevented to access the homepage !
Then the new files don't want to connect correctly between them.
And when I see the disaster and failing to correct it on the fly I reactive the current version... only to see the "homepage" filter don't want to desactivate. Fuck yeah !

So nothing have been done but 10min of downtime.
It will give me some time to finish what's not done yet (the page search, and stat page)
Add last details.
And then not do the update in a rush time.

So !
See you soon !


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