Overlord V06

Hi everyone !
thank you for staying with me :)
I'm seeing less new visitors recently, but my dayly visits don't drop at all, look like I'm starting to have hooked some guys with me here ^^
Yup, I'm quite happy :D
(See how much I'm happy ! Three smileys in three sentences, when I'm trying to avoid them in posts)

Well, about the release, Overlord volume 06 !
I'm always impressed by the speed and quality of the guys at SkyTheWood, those chapters are huge, and yet, they go soo fast that I always have two volumes of Overlord in my [On the pipes] section.. yup, it mean more than two volumes by month. It's insane.

On this release, I also added the afterword in Volume 05 that I have forgotten, it also mean some illustrations.
Also, I corrected Volume 04 in which I used the wrong break separators, now they match with the other Overlord volumes.
(In most of the books I do, I use "* * *" separator, in Overlord, it's "- - - ☠ - - -")


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random bypasser / 3 Feb 2016 11:34
Wanted to give a quick thumbs up. Like your work! So freaking good! <3

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