Second Life in Another World got licensed by Noitrus

Bad news (or maybe not) for everyone who likes Second life in another world. It recently got licensed by J-Novel Club,  in response, site links to volumes have been taken down. TL are keeping his content on his website for a little while, so you may grab it there while you can. And at least these series will be available to support officialy now.
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Skyfire Magus Book 1 by Asura

Hello novel lovers! Asura is here for another new novel to the library! It's called skyfire magus lets watch this awesome MC come from being peniless and pooor to the great skyfire magus! (warning this is the most shamless mc i have ever read in any book ever be prepared to laugh by all means however this is not a comedy but has alot of comedy moments!) Any questions just shoot in the comments i get on everyday! XD

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Skeleton Knight Volume 5 & 6 by Noitrus

Greetings everyone, eCookie sends regards along with 2 volumes of Skeleton knight. I'd say the story is really is slowly building up into something great with these two, can't wait for next volume. Give your support to author and translator as always.

Have a good read everyone.

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Majo no Tabitabi by swhp

Helo everyone,

Happy new year!!!

Yeah, I know I'm late but better than not right :)

To celebrate 2018 I would give you a present, it was an Epub from Majo no Tabitabi.

This series is very light-hearted, you might think this a boring story. However, for me this is a gem and I want to share this with you who also love Slice of Life story :)

Collaborating with Ice (He made the PDF version) and thank you for Frozen and Nazo for translating this Story I, proudly presents to you Majo no Tabitabi volume 1 and 2.


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Mythical Conquest Book 1 by Asura

Hello ladies and gents! Fellow lovers of novels and fantasy! I'm a new epub creator the one and only Asura! I have come to spread the love of more books to start the year off! New lover of books i have come to show you guys a awesome original novel called Mythical Conquest! This novel has lots of action, lots of gods and character interaction so if you love mythological gods, legendary heroes and some unique and awesome powers well without here ya go! This is my first ebook hope you enjoy! ;P

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Tsukumodo Antique Shop Volume 5 by swhp


It's been a years since I joined with Armaell Library, I remember how happy I'm back then when Armaell give an OK towards my first epub. I was learn a lot from the team and I could have a little pride on my epub right now :)

I know maybe it's a little bit early, but I would like to give a presents for your long holiday. I present you with Tsukumodo Antique Shop Volume 5. It's just finished last week, and since it's come from Nanodesu I don't need to wait long time to wait an editing and proofreading.

So, happy holidays and happy new years!!!!

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