The Devil's Spice 5

I've checked a number of videos on how to cook a good steak, especially while I was still a beautiful flower just out of its garden, flying through the world, and only knowing how to cook pasta, and make a chewy steak.

For all you noobs still searching how to impress a girl, even with just a steak, you need two things :

The first step is for the steak to not be chewy. Duuh~~  
Well, Oil your pan, bring it at high temperature, put your steak a moment, on both faces. Then lower the temperature before letting it finish cooking.

Now it's eatable ! But it's just a steak... and pasta.
Well, here's the secret : SPICES, SPICES AND FUCKING SPICES. This changes freacking everything and it took me way too long to understand. Sprinkle the sh*t outta your steak, your pasta and all.

Also, you can now read the fifth volume of The Devil's Spice. I'm waiting for the illustrations to be done before making the sixth.


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