Death mage Volume 8

Volume 8 is finally up! So far it seems one of the longest by sheer amount of chapters. Those who had enough patience to wait for a book (probably not many considering our low activity now) will likely have a treat. 

As always support author and translator and have a great read!


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God Ginrai / 18 Jan 2019 2:21
At least you admit to the low activity here. <.<
Jem's avatar Jem's avatar Jem's avatar
Jem / 18 Jan 2019 6:37
Well it's cos' the site doesn't update that often. But we still come back for the book packs once in a while
pat's avatar pat's avatar pat's avatar
pat / 22 Jan 2019 9:08
Lately, there are few updates, so we too didn't come back often.
saskir's avatar saskir's avatar saskir's avatar
saskir / 30 Jan 2019 13:59
I check here regularly. Although I am not so oftne on the Discord (last time was 1.5 years ago?)
Kevinner's avatar Kevinner's avatar Kevinner's avatar
Kevinner / 7 Feb 2019 10:19
Low update = low activity
How bout try posting web novels for a change..
Mortaeus 's avatar Mortaeus 's avatar Mortaeus 's avatar
Mortaeus / 14 Feb 2019 21:21
I'm just thankful you've kept releasing. I love this series! 
Noitrus's avatar Noitrus's avatar Noitrus's avatar
Noitrus / 17 Mar 2019 11:11
I usually release the books as soon as volumes are fully translated. However translations now slowed down greatly, due to translator having a job, therefore volume releases slowed down accordingly. However I love this story and planning to keep working with it. 
Glad to see there are still someone following it here. :)
senility's avatar senility's avatar senility's avatar
senility / 2 Jan 2021 11:07
Bump just to let you know im still itching for a new chapter (i read this one in january 2019 and am itching for a new one).

I appreciate your work, looking forward to a new chapter soon :D

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