Cookin with Wild Game is licensed

Hi everyone,

Long time no see, eh. I'm very sorry that this site never updated and yet when I shown up I bring you, not sure will you interpret this as good or bad news, that I need to taking down Cooking with Wild Game since it's licensed by JNC, here you can read the preepub:

Well, I'm really sorry for the lack of update, especially from me. However, with Armaell gone missing the motivation sure goes down. I think is not only me but it goes for everyone, before the boss coming back enjoy the available series in here.

I know maybe this is a little bit earlier, but Merry Christmas everyone :)


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Abhi B. / 24 Dec 2018 7:16
Thanks for the epub. Merry Christmas to you as well. 
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iON / 26 Dec 2018 4:29
I'm still waiting for updates though. Happy Holidays.

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