The Tale of G.O.D. by Lavasky

G.O.D. ... the name makes me think about TOG aka Tower of God which is an excellent manhwa, but well this still have nothing to do here... XP

Here is another book from Andur, the last completed one in fact ^^ but know that this one is like The Court of Souls ? meaning that it has a sequel.

Have fun !

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Body and Soul by Lavasky

HELLO Stonehenge, who get the Pandorica, get... Wait a second... this doesn't have anything to do here... I'm not even sure about how many people got the reference...
Well, never mind... long story short I'm a new ebook creator and here is a "new" book from Andur for whom I don't think that a presentation is needed anymore ^^.

Have fun !

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Death mage iBook fix by Noitrus

Some apple users reported, that they're unable to open any of the books in iBooks app, except volume 2. That problem should be fixed now, please re-download the books.

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Cooking with Wild Game Volume 7 by swhp

Heya my good friends,

I come to bring you the latest Cooking with Wild Game volume 7...

Well, I plan to make it later because usually we wait a little bit before make an epub. The purpose is to wait some editor or people point mistake or typo on the translations. However, with Sky using patreon things, it seems the release on the Sky blog is already trough proofreader and editor, which of course come with good quality. Thus, without further ado I could present you Cooking with Wild Game volume 7, hope you can enjoy it :)


I peek the initial translation of volume 8, it seems the first release have not enough editing time, which make me decide to give more time before making the epub for volume 8 in order to gain high quality translation.

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Death mage Volume 7 by Noitrus

Hello everyone,  another volume has passed by and as always it's an amazing ride.

Van does not want to dominate the world, it's the world that wants to be dominated by Van, that's the impression I get. :D

Anyways, huge thanks for author and translator teams as always for doing a great work, and have a good read.

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Cooking with Wild Game Volume 2 - 6 by swhp

Heya Ladies and Gentleman.

Did you miss me already? Good, because I'm back with good news for you :)

I proudly present Cooking with Wild Game volume 2 till 6, clap clap clap...

Well, I almost surprised how fast I could finish and caught up till the latest translation volume, good work me, then for you who like my previous work I guarantee that this LN is very good and of course I would recommend this to everyone.

Then, please enjoy the LN and see you next time when I could bring another gems to you :)

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