Death mage volume 4 by Noitrus

Hello everyone. I'm glad to present to you another volume of Death mage. Don't know how, but the story just keeps getting more and more interesting, easily becomming my favorite novel for now, hopefully for all other readers as well. I'm slightly disappointed, that no new book covers appeared for it, but oh well, maybe sometime in the future.

Either way, thanks for translator for doing such a fast and efficient job as always, and author for bringing this story to us.

Have a good read!

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That Alone would have Been Good Enough by swhp


I know recently we're pretty dead in here, well we have a lot of Original Novel yet not much epub published. Now, don't worry my friend since I will bring good things behalf of the staff, I proudly release That Alone would have Been Good Enough.

You know, I never liked story that have to much sadness, cruelty, drama and gore things. I only love slice of life, cuteness, and heart-warming romance story, yet sometimes I fell in love with mystery but no I'm not in love towards deep mystery and need to burden my brain thinking how to understand how the story goes, I would like to said that Hyouka and Tsukomodo is my cup of tea. Which that, I could said that this novel have the same similarity. I would recommend this one, after all the translator itself always boasted about how good this LN and yes it's also received an award, so why not try it?

Another note, this LN was translated long time ago yet I just decided to made it recently. The main reason was, the translator knowing as crazy senior translator.  After all, who can perform streaming translations online? Yeah, this LN was one of his work at that time. I would not question his extensive knowledge on Japanese and English, yet I feel that I need to give some time and let the editor editing his work hope it would be more easy to read.

Hope you enjoy this one!!!

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Demon King's Town Planning Volume 4 released by Noitrus

Greetings everyone, here's volume 4 brought to you by eCookie and passed on by me, since his internet is not very co-operative atm.

Support Author and translator and enjoy reading!

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Second Life in Another World by Noitrus

Here's something new to alieviate the drought of translated books. Reincarnation fans are going to love this...probably. Either way it's a fun story checking the neccessary points:

Modern protagonist in fantasy world - check, protagonist is OP - check, has harem - check. Not as astonishing as Death mage if I say so myself, but still nice work, where protagonist altough being OP,  still has to struggle more than once, but remains badass all the time nonetheless. 

Therefore happy reading, and give some love for Author and translator as always. ^^

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Death mage volume 3 by Noitrus

Volume 3 is finally here! Looks like our protagonist is turning more and more cheat-like, as expected.

As always show support and love for author and translator, and have fun reading. ^^

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Terror Infinity Side B - BTOOOM! Second Mission by Davethwave

I finally got the second epub for this novel figured out and ready, I hope that all of you readers interested will enjoy it.

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