Lazy Dungeon Master Volume 8-15 by eCookie

Finished my duty, also reworked Volume 1-7 to get rid of some errors and formatting

Time to get drunk

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Dragon's Bloodline Volume 5/6 by eCookie

Another one now the other later this evening and even bigger

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Booboo volume 2 by Toshiya

Booboo volume 2 has been added  \o/

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Volume 3 of NEET by eCookie

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Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon – Kimitoasamade by Toshiya

Kimitoasamade volume 1A to 2B has been added \o/

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Killer Queen and Deep End by Toshiya

Kamachi Kazuma's oldest but newly translated novel "Killer Queen and Deep End" has been uploaded.

It's a one-shot, so give it a try. :3

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