Arifureta and Smartphone are licensed now by eCookie

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j-novel-Club licensed Arifureta and With A Smartphone in Another World, later one is already gone and as soon Armaell comes online Arifureta will follow.

It was a fun read and it was my first epub I made, I hope everyone enjoyed the wild ride of the stories and if you want to read any further in future you need to buy access at J-Novel-Club. It was my most successfull epub and now its gone, while I have a lot to come the next weeks I dont know if I´ll ever reach these download numbers again


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A Certain Middle-Aged Man’s VRMMO Activity Log by eCookie

I think I passed IT exam so yaayyy

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Heavy Object by Toshiya

'Sup guys.

All currently translated Heavy Object volumes have been uploaded!

Actually I uploaded them a while ago but I was double checking if I made any mistakes (I didn't, hopefully).


[There's an anime too, so you might find it easy to visualize the events in the novels if you check it out]

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Running Away From The Hero! CH5 by Ainz Ooal Gown

New chapter is UP!

Hope you guys enjoy reading new chapter!


No, no need to thank me.

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Genjitsuda to Nishiki shi teru Shojo NEW! by Ainz Ooal Gown

This is quite an interesting short story and also this novel is gender bender! 

This novel is about
 story of a girl who recognized the game world as a reality

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I'am Back with a new short story novel by Ainz Ooal Gown

I'm still alive and been suffering from real life. Don't worry, there're a lot of new novels epub+pdf coming out!

This novel is about tragic story. So, enjoy reading ^^

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