The Great Ruler - Arc 1

Folks, it's me, mors, again! And this time I bring proper tribute (i.e., a xianxia).

You can't believe how much armaell bitched at me for my last release (Destruction Flag Otome) not being a xianxia... o_o

I kid, I kid.

Here you go!

Don't forget to thank the translators, and read the next chapters (arc 2 is currently being translated) from the translators site!


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Armaell / 3 Feb 2016 11:57
And you know about what I'll bitch ? Hu ? Huu ?
Avatar, go upload it on Gravatar !
Tomorrow I start to work on the page title header. I'll move a couple of thing up and the Author Avatar will be at the start of the article. 
So, by expecting the MaJ next week, I suppose you'll want a better avatar than a blue square :p

I'm not even bitching anymore, it's a whole new stage here ! Menacing aahahaha !
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D / 3 Feb 2016 11:41
thanx for that epub but can you do stellar transformation please
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mors / 4 Feb 2016 1:30
I will probably create EPUBs for He-Man's translations (books 1-10) but the newer ones are kind of... iffy. I'll have to do major cleanups. Still, a request is a request; so I'll add it on my to-do pile and we'll see what happens.

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