Destruction Flag Otome (WN)

Hello, readers!

I'm mors, and I've recently started collaborating with armaell to bring even more ebooks to you dedicated leechers. ^_^

I'll (mostly) work on Chinese novels (more specifically Xianxia) because ebooks are comparatively scarce, as well as web novels (same reason). I might do a few proper LNs as well if there don't seem to be epubs around.

Recently armaell has added some of my ebooks here, for example Desolate Era and Against the Gods. They've been quite popular, so I'm glad for that.

Now, without further ado! Downlad it with the link below.


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Wilhelmina / 13 Jul 2016 8:15
Hey, that's the grtatese! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

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