Jiang Ye - Part 1 (up to chapter 50)

New series!

Mao Ni is one of my two favourite Xianxia writers (alongside Er Gen). Armaell had done some ebooks on his other series, Ze Tian Ji (or, Way of Choices). This time it's his other, comparatively lesser known work, Jiang Ye (Before Night).

This ebook contains the first 50 chapters which were translated by Binggo&Corp Translations. They have since discontinued it to focus more on ZTJ, but thankfully Mecha Mushroom has taken up the project.

Those who aren't familiar with Mao Ni may feel his works are slow and ponderous, and they'd be right to an extent; however, the author's writing style is unique; calm and beautiful. The world building feels real. The magic is subtle, or quiet. The battles sharp, yet serene. (You guessed correctly, I love it.)

It might not be your cup of tea, but if you have similar tastes as me, you'll have a blast.


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Armaell / 3 Feb 2016 11:57
We even get a little personal commentary. I love it ^^

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