Majo no Tabitabi

Helo everyone,

Happy new year!!!

Yeah, I know I'm late but better than not right :)

To celebrate 2018 I would give you a present, it was an Epub from Majo no Tabitabi.

This series is very light-hearted, you might think this a boring story. However, for me this is a gem and I want to share this with you who also love Slice of Life story :)

Collaborating with Ice (He made the PDF version) and thank you for Frozen and Nazo for translating this Story I, proudly presents to you Majo no Tabitabi volume 1 and 2.



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Nephery / 11 Jan 2018 2:50
Huh, sounds like its right up my alley... **downloads**
swhp's avatar swhp's avatar swhp's avatar
swhp / 14 Jan 2018 7:20
Man, I really miss your epub, it's like long time ago you release something. Wanted to see your next experiments on designing your epub :)
Nephery's avatar Nephery's avatar Nephery's avatar
Nephery / 15 Jan 2018 5:50
Yeah, life's been hitting hard lately. Though things are clearing up a bit now, so I might be releasing more here and there in the near future ;)

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