Death mage volume 4

Hello everyone. I'm glad to present to you another volume of Death mage. Don't know how, but the story just keeps getting more and more interesting, easily becomming my favorite novel for now, hopefully for all other readers as well. I'm slightly disappointed, that no new book covers appeared for it, but oh well, maybe sometime in the future.

Either way, thanks for translator for doing such a fast and efficient job as always, and author for bringing this story to us.

Have a good read!


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Matt / 1 Dec 2017 15:30
Looking forward to the next book!
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arefin0991 / 6 Jan 2018 11:19
Volume 5 is complete.
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Noitrus / 12 Jan 2018 15:25
Charackter summary -  not yet. Wish to wait a bit more.

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