The New Gate 7 to 12

When I check the number of views of blog articles published, it seems like mine are not viewed, but those of the other guys are.
Why ! You don't like me ? That's why ?! :O
Alright, I'll admit I'm not really good at writing those and I have a hard time thinking what I could write. But it's true I would feel the website would feel less alive without it, I want it to keep a personal atmosphere.

I would love to be able to write a story too, surfing my imagination and giving it life....Since I already struggle with blog posts, I know there is no need to try. My playground is the code of this website, and it takes enough of my time like that.

On the other end, my girlfriend has a past-time of writing the stories of our plushes and then she loves reading it to me. One day, if she finishes it, or go far enough, I'll bind it.

And so what is the relationship between this blog post with The New Gate ? Nothing, I stopped reading them long ago. I like the covers tho.


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arefin0991 / 25 Apr 2019 17:54
You have irked me simply by mentioning (bragging) your girlfriend!
This place needs much more updates and less Discord.
Also this series is utter and complete pig-shit, can't even use it as manure my already malnourished brain.The story doesn't have any cohesion or emotional involvement.Rather than showing the author writes essays everything in a deadpan manner and in such a way as if we should know the MC and everyone of his lackys' attributes from the first volume.Read the first 10 volumes but couldn't tolerate any more of this dredge.
So started reading Xianxia and non-fiction instead and cut down on Japanese everything.
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Armaell / 25 Apr 2019 19:59
Right, So I suppose I can't mention what fill nearly my whole time that is not spent at the workplace, it's apparently bragging.  
I'll suppose that I should talk about my water closet, that's pretty much what's left. At least it a cool modern design, so I'm rather happy, which even have storage.

I also like how you can complain on Discord, when the Discord is also nearly dead after my absence. That's a thing I'm trying to revive. So you talk without knowing what you're talking about.

And if you want more updates, you're free to help. The more there is activity, the more it attract people that can help in return.

At last, I agree that I definitely find the writing to be boring, like a god majority of japanese stuff, I find the Xianxian to be even less quality writing. I'll say I'm stunned.
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MatKrulli / 28 Apr 2019 17:24
And now I'm curious regarding what you'd write about your water closet.

Tbh you could make an LN about it:
"That time I reincarnated into a magic world with my water closet which took my cheat ability and became sentient"

Instead of using water for flushing, it used mana, so its storage would become its mana pool and every time you flushed it'd spend all of its mana in a single OP spell.
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MatKrulli / 28 Apr 2019 17:17
Indeed, those dirty riajuus should roll over and die! Truly preposterous, mentioning such ridiculous real-life events. How dare Our Great Rulerâ„¢ even mention the fact he has a girlfriend?! That's like a declaration of war to the rest of us who spend our time twiddling our thumbs in a dark corner.

It's a good thing we have untainted knights such as you to maintain the peace and put others in their place. Keep doing your good work, fellow thumb-twiddler!

As for more updates and less Discord, I agree as well. This lazy ass called Armaell has done little more than fifty series, most of which don't even have twenty books! Sure, he did sorta code the whole site, but it's not like writing books, search functions, news, statistics, blogs, user administration, an original works section, a writer for the original works section, hooking it up with Discord's waifu and a couple other things is so hard.

You know what? You should join us, code a couple epubs yourself, and show that lazy bum who's boss! I mean, since you clearly won't lose time with useless things like a girlfriend, you're definitely going to surpass Armaell's hundred books or so in no time.

Or, even better, you could join me in Discord so we can both complain at how Armaell should spend more of his time making books and less time on Discord!

As for the series, hmmmm... While I do agree it's not a terribly innovative series, I don't think calling it 'pig-shit' is really adequate. I've read a good part of it, and honestly? It's good fun. I won't lose my sleep over it, but it's a pretty good time waster. And seeing how you read the first 10 volumes... I kinda feel like you actually enjoyed it as well. 10 volumes. That's quite the investment for a "pig-shit" series. Unless you're the kind of guy that reads stuff they hate just because... Idk, I don't really get that kind of thought process.

Either way, good luck on your Xianxia, your non-fiction! Here's hoping you never see mention of a girlfriend ever again!
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Jem / 2 Jul 2019 3:36
Eh, I've been hooked on Xianxia lately. There's a trick to reading it, just like there's a trick to reading Japanese LNs. You just gotta turn off the relevant part of your brain so you don't lose immersion from all the bullshit and skirt flipping and breaking fourth wall shit that they do. Once you've done that, then it's ...not bad? Kinda like you need to lower your expectations when eating McDonalds. I think.

Also, I saw no mention of anyone's girlfriend. Damn riajuus.
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Ruru / 20 Feb 2022 18:39
Thank you to everyone that put up content, and shared their creativity and time. Irl can be busy but we do value and appreciate your efforts!

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