Magi's Grandson up to ch80 + first donation

Hi everyone one,

Here's a Magi's Grandson update, provided with the huge spike in interest after the anime announcement. Sadly the translation is not split in books like Japtem did, so the new update is just a huge ebook of all the new chapters.

Even though it doesn't have an official cover, do not worry, it's still done with utmost care. To create the epubs, Armaell's Library uses the last tools, powerful secret scripts (well, just mine) and most importantly, a lot of love. I hope all this love will reach your heart, and spread .... alright, let's stop here. Let just say this one was a little tricky due to the number of back and forth between translators, meaning I had to do a lot of edits to make it good. Which is also the point of the Library, provide a quality you will not find with those just running a chrome extension to make the ebooks.

I'm happy to say I received the first donation to the Library !

So thank you very much Amirah. She helped pay for 2 weeks of running time for the Library. Thus, making the ads useless for as much time. Hence, like promised all the ads can now be downloaded directly without all those annoying ads for two weeks.

The other effect is that it's been two weeks I planned to do Magi's Grandons, but I admit I was...busy....doing....nothing. So after receiving the donation, I kinda had to do something in return.

I suppose since it's a first, I can also ask you Amirah, if you have a request, I'll give it first priority, just message me.

Thank you to everyone, thank you to the translators, thank you Amirah


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kenneth kwok / 7 Dec 2019 6:59
hey mate, youre awesome and youre great at whatever you are doing. Keep up the good work.
Could u send me the light novel for Shinchou Yuusha: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru and unbreakable machine doll, If u have them

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