Kuro no Maou V01-V12

And this is my 30th project !
Let's call that a Milestone ! Some would argue it isn't, but at least it's a multiple of ten so it's all right.
With that my left bar containing all the (31) links start to be pretty long :D
(31 because 30, minus one taken down, plus two made by mors)
It already remind me one of the reason I first revamped the website was because the navigation list was starting to be too big. I fear now that when I'll reach 50, I'll have to find something again.... Argh, hard life :S
Still, I'm happy to see this library growing, a true pleasure after 5 month to still be going.

By the way, I just added share links to all download pages since I've seen a growth of social sharing recently.


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