Douluo Dalu 30-37 by Armaell

The page of Douluo Dalu was a little sad, it's seriously just a big page of grey round-cornered squares ; so behold peoples ! I added a (not so great) banner to liven up the page ! I think it's the most important part of this news. Else I added 7 files, which in the great order of things isn't that much when the last one got registered under the ID 832. shrug

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BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - Material Collection by Nephery

Happy almost new year!

Recently, I've come around to pick up the BlazBlue games, finished Calamity Trigger, and am well into Continuum Shift now. After wrapping my head around all the crazy lingo and mess of an execution that CT was, I think I can safely say that the story for this is quite good, or at the very least, I find it a lot of fun.

But anyway, today, I bring you guys the Material Collection for Calamity Trigger. It consists of a collection of artworks, in-game CGs, character stats, and character short stories, among a few other things. Though, because most of these "other things" weren't translated, this EPUB only has the artworks and short stories. Heck, I don't even have all the artworks in here. I've mostly only got those that I've pulled straight from the BlazBlue wiki. The rest need to be to be individually extracted from the raws, an incredibly time-consuming task that I don't want to do. But if anyone ever comes around to doing it, send them my way and I'll gladly add them to the EPUB!

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Boku wa Isekai Volume 2/3 by eCookie

Got messaged in the beginning(?) of December about the volumes and here they are now.

I noticed how shitty my first one was, even corrupt chapters, so I re-designed all three of  together. They are perfectly valid, that means you can even upload them to Google Books and read them

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Risou no Himo Seikatsu Volume 4 and stuff by Armaell

Hey all !

Between two parties, let's read something more or less relaxing, Risou vol 4. The pdf will come a little later, I can't convert from this laptop. I'll also try to hunt down any series lacking their pdf, I'm pretty sure there is quite a number of them..

Another thing is the requests page. It's a first step to bring back the old [On The Pipes]. I don't know if I'll fully bring it back, but here is our full internal backlog available anyway. You can see there what have been requested, what we are working on, and you can also directly request something !
For now it's quite hidden and accessible from the contact page.

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Christmas Update! by Toshiya

Hello and Merry Christmas everyone!

Mitou Shoukan Blood-Sign (translated by Js06) has been updated with Volume 5 and Rokujouma no Shinryakusha! (translated by Warnis) has been updated with Volume 19.

Heavy Object should be updated soon™ as well.

Previous update: Toaru Majutsu no Index: NT17

Have a safe holiday.

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I’m OP, but I Began an Inn - Volumes 1-4 (Ongoing) by 3DCat

Your classic reincarnation into another world story with a bit of gender bender thrown in to spice things up.

Update: Properly merged now as it was supposed to be and included the remaining two volumes, if you noticed any continuity quirks between the first two releases it should make much more sense now.

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