Skyfire Magus Book 3

This is it Ladies and Gentlemen! Novel lovers and Novel Critics! This is it! The last Book of Skyfire Magus! This was a enjoyable ride with twist and turns i didn't expect, memorable characters and one of the most shamless protags i ever read. This was one of the novels that broke me into making Epubs i hope everyone who don't have constant or stable internet and loves some good'ol fantasy novels can enjoy this book the author been amazing and can't wait for his next work ;).

Got any request send them right here i'll be more attentive to replying back! Just don't ask me to do a novel thats  licensed (like Wuxiaworld and gravity tales sites novels) btw action + romance novel i'll def read and most likely will break me to attempting a epub heh alright look forward to my other epubs see you folks again!


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