The Devil's Spice V01-V03 by Armaell

The majority here on this website are Japanese one, a little chunk are Chinese (it will change soon). But what I actually prefer are the Original English ones !

Ok, again I didn't read this one.. Sadly I do the ebooks faster than I read them hehe. But believe me it's in my to-read list

So go faster than me, take the lead and read it !

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Do I keep douluo dalu ? by Armaell

Even if officials Epub and PDF exists (which took me time to find), I'm still surprised by the amount of download. So, what do I do ?

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A Slight Smile is Very Charming taken down by Armaell

I have been asked by LilZah to take down the ebooks files for A Slight Smile is Very Charming.
So they aren't available anymore here.

to read it, you'll still have to use the web version of the translator.

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Douluo Dalu V01-V23 by Armaell

I have been asked since a long time to do Chinese works. So I did A Slight Smile is Very Charming. But what I was really asked was in fact Wuxia and Xianxia. So here one !

Pretty long to do... 10min by book, ok it's short, what a bless ! But 10 min time 23 is 4 hours !!

Well, I just only found them ; the google drive of Blue Silver Translations kept sending me Error 500 until now. So I get them down and it's one thing less for me to manage (and a day wasted, yay \o/)

Up again after a poll

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Contact form working again by Armaell

Armaell's avatar

This was something bothering me since some time.
Before I was receiving something like one mail by day. And since some time : Nothing....
Well, I tested the contact form, and magic, it didn't worked ...

I announce the contact form works again !
Sorry. It also mean if you sent a mail I never answered, it's because I never received it. Please contact me again.

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Once a Hero - Book 1 by Armaell

This is a story I absolutely wanted to do even before I had half-read the first book. This is such a captivating story it's incredible. I have also never worked this long on any other story expect those of Andur. The reason being that Until Death? was the first ebook I did, and so I didn't had any tools, nor I knew them.
For Once a Hero... When I tried to use them, my script crashed at the tenth chapter... Mean I had to do it manually then. (Also mean I have to work again on my tools).

It also mean that Once a Hero isn't a simple story, it's a complex one, thought thoroughly with a complex writing. To display it, you'll have to have a good application. By example I know a lot of you use Moon+Reader (I did too), if you ever try to read with (this shit), well, it will be near impossible. You won't understand what's happening.
I strongly advise my visitors to check on the FAQ, I added a section to test your epub reader, if it fail, just check the other section giving links to good epub readers.

Else, just take the PDF hey... It's less cooler, but less work too.

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