Review of Errant Vol.1 by Zachary Dugas by Armaell

I have been asked by the author of Errant, Zachary Dugas if I could promote his work. So now there is a cute little page for Errant.

Then, where would be the fun to promote if it's just to do that ? Nononono, it's also the good opportunity to do a Review ! I'm no critic, but let's start the fun.

On the setting, Errant is aimed to be Historical with a pinch of Fantasy ; No flashy swords and mighty magic. The story revolve around two theme : Economy and Religion.
Hohoho~~ I already see you flinch.
Ok, put in another way : the author took inspiration he don't hide on other works like Spice&Wolf. Exactly, this is the same setting than Spice&Wolf, it wasn't that bad ?

We have then a traveler which is here a errant Knight, he will meet a local harvest deity which will take a liking on our knight and force herself upon him.
Add that the knight is good with money.

We have then Spice&Wolf minus the cart, plus the sword. Hopefully it do not stick more than that.

We are not in the light novel category like a lot of other works on my Library, the text is rich with description and convey the atmosphere rightly. At the point it have even been hard for me to understand on some sentences. Dang.
Actions are well executed since we really see them before ours eyes. Everything is detailed, but just what it need to flow at the live pace, making you feel the heaviness of the sword. You even learn with this author member of the Historical European Martial Arts, making you understand a little how swords-fights are done. At the point it even make you curious and want to ask explanation on the logic behind each move.

A full side of the story revolve around the romance of the two.
While the story announce itself to be slow-paced, the romance go two gears faster. While it's sweet, it surprised me at the speed it was going. It surprised me but I can say myself it's also my modern point of view which is at play : In older time, when you found a good party, you had to take it quick before it vanish, time were a little harsher on that point, and feeling was to appear after.
The problem is still : The heroin should have her time before rushing it like that. Well should, if I say more it's spoiler. So this pace bother me a little, but it's acceptable. It also play that she is pushy on her ways.

To conclude, this is story really well written, which for now feel like it have to work its way to distinguish itself from Spice&Wolf, and have some events feeling rushed. Those two little thins didn't prevented me to be sad at the end of the volume for not having more.

Available freely online, or purchasable on Amazon to support the author.

My favorite Spice&Wolf reference :

he thought of the tales the merchants told of the horses that pulled the wagons turning into beautiful woman and conversing with the merchant. He smiled down at his horse and thought about what he would do if such a thing happened.

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Jiang Ye - Part 1 (up to chapter 50) by mors

New series!

Mao Ni is one of my two favourite Xianxia writers (alongside Er Gen). Armaell had done some ebooks on his other series, Ze Tian Ji (or, Way of Choices). This time it's his other, comparatively lesser known work, Jiang Ye (Before Night).

This ebook contains the first 50 chapters which were translated by Binggo&Corp Translations. They have since discontinued it to focus more on ZTJ, but thankfully Mecha Mushroom has taken up the project.

Those who aren't familiar with Mao Ni may feel his works are slow and ponderous, and they'd be right to an extent; however, the author's writing style is unique; calm and beautiful. The world building feels real. The magic is subtle, or quiet. The battles sharp, yet serene. (You guessed correctly, I love it.)

It might not be your cup of tea, but if you have similar tastes as me, you'll have a blast.

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Mass PDF font update by Armaell

Armaell's avatar

The title say mass update, you'll ask me : "how much is it a mass update ?"
Well, I think when ALL the pdf files have been updated, you can call it mass update !

All of them have been updated to Arial font, it don't seem anything important said like that, but it change actually a lot of things. The older files where using what's called a serif-font ; good for printed documents.
Problem : ebooks aren't made to be printed !
So I switched for most recent files to a sans-serif font. Their goal is to be better to read on screens. Yay, that's the whole point of ebooks !
Well, all would have been good in the best of the worlds if there wasn't a BUG !
Using the sans-serif font was making the italic disappear... And when some books abuse of it for distinguishing speech and thought. It make the reading slightly more annoying.
The solution ? Using another sans-serif font ; and I choosed Arial.

In short :
All pdf files have been updated to Arial fonts, making them better to read. I also corrected italics not showing on recent PDF files.

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Wu Dong Qian Kun - Arc 1 by mors

'Sup folks.

New series, and the second one on this site by Tian Can Tu Dou, after The Great Ruler.

On the Journey of Self-cultivation, One Requires Control of Ying and Yang , Good Fortune, To Reach for Nirvana, Mastery over Life and Death, Power over Reincarnation. At the peak of Martial Arts, break the Heavens and shake the Universe!

Thanks to the translators at YellowLaw Translation, who just today moved over to WuxiaWorld! Happy coincidence?

I'm planning to bring the third series, Battle through the Heavens, by the same author, very soon! So if you liked TGR or WDQK, wait for it!

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The Great Ruler - Arc 1 by mors

Folks, it's me, mors, again! And this time I bring proper tribute (i.e., a xianxia).

You can't believe how much armaell bitched at me for my last release (Destruction Flag Otome) not being a xianxia... o_o

I kid, I kid.

Here you go!

Don't forget to thank the translators, and read the next chapters (arc 2 is currently being translated) from the translators site!

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Destruction Flag Otome (WN) by mors

Hello, readers!

I'm mors, and I've recently started collaborating with armaell to bring even more ebooks to you dedicated leechers. ^_^

I'll (mostly) work on Chinese novels (more specifically Xianxia) because ebooks are comparatively scarce, as well as web novels (same reason). I might do a few proper LNs as well if there don't seem to be epubs around.

Recently armaell has added some of my ebooks here, for example Desolate Era and Against the Gods. They've been quite popular, so I'm glad for that.

Now, without further ado! Downlad it with the link below.

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