Seiun wo Kakeru V03 by Armaell

This is the Village Development Arc. What more fitting that this one when I've just put on paper what will be the next evolution of the library. For me it's time to see a little bigger \o/

One of the first things will be the url-change. This one is easy.
The second one will be a big revamp of how the website works. It will make me easier to add functionalities. It will also the end of Wordpress for me : full house !
The last one is a evolution of the goal of the website. I continue making epubs of course !

It will take me some time, and so, for now go read it.

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Cheating Monster: The mightiest tadpole Book 1 by Armaell

OP stories generally have to be read for the fun and nothing more. Sadly a lot of them lack the fun part and are simple power-fest for poor people lacking confidence.
Mmmh, now I'm wondering :
If peoples of power fall in S/M to find someone to control them, a balance to their life. Do those powerless could need those stories to imagine themselves in it and find a balance in their life ?
Ok, I'm probably thinking something totally stupid and with some hopes I offended some readers ahaha ! This is the power of writing !

I'm sidetracking here.
This OP story is a fun one, but even more a non-linear one. Unexpected events appear and make the reading interesting. Not just moar power lead to more powerful ennemies from nowhere.

Mmmh, I wanted to write a nice review, but it look like the chit-chat won at the end...

Be warned, use a GOOD epub reader : don't hesitate to check the FAQ before. This novel containt a lot of tables, and a bad reader will just make it horrible. For those who will download the PDF, sorry for those cut table.

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URL change? by Armaell

Armaell's avatar

After discussing with a friend, I've been thinking to change my address and server, and server location.
For the server part, in fact I won't. Unless someone know a good VPS host with at least 50Go drive and cheap...

For the url part. I've used until know my personal address, that's why it's in .fr which is not really perfect for an English website. Now I'm thinking but not sure. What do you think?
I like
But is the .net something the plebian is bothered with ? So maybe

I don't think would work haha. Also on the "'S" point : I suppose I have to drop it. I don't see how I can work it : or Yuck.

I also liked the idea to have ebook in the url, but well. I'm probably just used to it... I'll miss it.
( is free too btw_)

So the big point is :
[socialpoll id="2324023"] Of course I didn't said I'll listen to it. but I want opinions. ^^'
It's quite an heavy change so it's not something I can do on a whim when I'm bored like the design. (which will change a little soon since the left bar is too long... AGAIN!!)

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Gate Thus the JSDF Fought There! V01 by Armaell

I was part of the mass who was like : Na wai, why nobody want to translate Gate ?!!
I've read a part of it in manga and I really liked it. Now it's translated from the LN ? Even more !

Original story, a smart (more or less) lead which know how to lead. Just with that we could be doubtful if it's Japanese ahaha.... As Japanese LN, this is in my top, so I can only recommend you to read it if you didn't yet.

Also if you heard about Gate being too Patriotic and it repel you, I'll say : it's not (really) true.
The only points are maybe a scene where the JSDF make foreign Spec Ops look like thrash, and seem like standing a little too well their grounds at a political level, there is nothing. Actually the MC make the whole glory of the JSDF a comedy.

But care author !! Don't try to make the France look like Evil (」゜ロ゜)」Or we will kick you ! Go weep to Germany and the USA

We can only thank the incredible work of Skythewood's team. In nearly one month they pulled 4 volume of great quality. It's just inhuman (I didn't even had the time to read the 4th yet..).
Since I'm just adding the first when they're at the 4th, it make look like I'm not even trying...

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The Lazy King V02 by Armaell

Why can't I take example on him, why can't I stop working and go play ! ... Wait, that's what I was just doing. Hum.

Also I'm so not lazy that I even updated the Volume 01 with the Cover and I corrected a page splitting problem in the pdf. What a good guy I am.

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Desolate Era v01-07 by mors

Desolate Era v06-07 have been uploaded. v01-05 have had one major terminology change, so up to you if you want to re-download.

The series is written by popular Chinese webnovelist IET (also known for his other works like Coiling Dragon and Stellar Transformations) and perhaps his best work. It's translated by IEW and RWX at WuxiaWorld.

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