Rakudai Kishi no Eiyuutan Volume 1 - 4 by Armaell

A visitor and a huge mail writer which force me to take one hour to answer his mails (curse him) asked me if I could do this serie (and a lot of others).. but this one was hosted by Baka-Tsuki and the baka-tsuki generator do his work well that I do not have any complain on it... well for me, since this filler of mailbox actually complained about them !!
Apparently he didn't liked how illustrations were handled.. What a pain in the ass this guy.. seriously. However I'm the good santa today, so here it is, my version.

Now you can choose between my version and the one of the generator. Choose the one you prefer, I do not say mine is better since it's possible it have more artefacts than the generator's one since my script isn't optimized like the generator should be for Baka-Tsuki.

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Just One Smile Is Very Alluring by Armaell

New release ! Or it is not ?
Strange, I'm sure to have already released this book, but this name never appeared... What is this sorcery ? Treachery !?

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Risou no Himo Seikatsu Volume 3 by Armaell

First thank you PROzess to continue this translation which is really different of the usual transported to another world stories.

But.. I think I got the hand on a spoiler by adding the cover of next volumes... seriously, who is this bitch in Volume 5+ covers !!! (but please don't answer me of course)

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Re:Monster V1-4 by Armaell

This is a serie I thought dead since long, but I have been requested to do it and pointed to the Re:Monster translation Wikia and learn they continued far more the translation of Re:Monster !

So, I'm pleased to present you the four first volume of Re:Monster which have been dutifully edited. The translation continue further but Volume 5 is not yet finished to be proof-checked.

This post is also a shout-out : Re:Monster isn't dead ! If you want, you can even go help them since it's a Wikia !

Thank to all of them for it.

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The New Gate 03 by Armaell

here the volume 3 of The New Gate.

For those which would say : Hey, there is already a epub on the website of shintranslation. Yeah, I know.
It's not a bad one, but it have a first big flaw : it don't have volume 01. Seriously guys, why volume 2 and 3 and not 1 ?
I'm like a lot of you, when I get a serie, I like to have all of the same publisher (shame on my Harry Potter serie and somewhat on Yureka, but the second publisher did a good job on Yureka so it's not bad at all.)

Also : 20Mb ! My file is nearly two time lighter..

Well, all of that to say : I won't stop to do The New Gate for now. Enjoy the good work of Shin.

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Bulk download available by Armaell

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With series like Douluo Dal which already have 24 volumes and still counting, it's a little tedious to click each links to download them. While it's not like a mediafire where you have to download them one by one but you can do them all in the same time, it would still be easier to just have an archive containing them all.

It's now possible ! Enjoy this superb functionality which will change your life from now !

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