Magi's Grandson Volume 1 by mors

Not too much to say for this one. An OP reincarnation story, Magi's Grandson does a well enough job setting up its reaction chapters. Volume 1 is almost solely world building/slice of life, but the climax at the end starts the plot moving onward.

Thanks to various magics, the human race has been saved from calamity many, many times. Retaining his memories from his previous life, a boy, Shin, was picked up by an old man known to the world as a “Magi.”

Shin was brought up by the Magi, who had retired to a secular place, as his own grandson. With the memories of his past life, he absorbed the Magi’s craft and grew to be able to develop his own magic.

Then, the grandfather told him he has to become independent when he reaches the age of 15.

“Ah, I forgot to teach him common sense.”

The grandson who has grown beyond the level of normal people, lacked common sense; the common sense of the world. So to learn how to socialize, he goes to Earlshide Kingdom City to be admitted to Earlshide Advanced Magic Academy.

Another announcement coming soon...

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In a different world with a smartphone Arc 1 & 2 by eCookie

Third and last for today, In a different world with a smartphone

Anything goes (including smartphones in an other world) , and I go now back to playing Fallout 4

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The man picked up by the gods Volume 1 & 2 by eCookie

Second in a row, I bring you The man picked up by the gods.

But wait there is more, because I had my cookies today I had resources and now you can get the first 2 volumes of the lighnovel.

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Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Arc 1 & 2 by eCookie

Say your prayers and save your cookies, I´ve arrived.  My name is eCookie and a editor and cleaner of epubs.

Armaell won a new exclusive member and I bring you the first two arcs of Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou.

I hope you enjoy the lighnovel as much as I did, now hurry and get it

You´ll find my site if you follow the links. Any criticism, ideas or lightnovel wishes are welcomed there

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The Devil's Spice Volume 4 by Armaell

I hope you have eaten well during this festive period, so much you can't eat more, be it due to your stomach or to your purse. For those that are still hungry, I can only recommend our explosive cook.

As for me ? Well, I have been offered a smartbox, a sorta french ticket and this one for a good dinner for two. Don't worry for me then ;)

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Against the Gods V03 by mors

Do you like ATG? Yes? No? Never heard of it?

Well don't mind me, it's just one of the best xianxia stories going on right now. I don't want to extol its many virtues or enumerate its numerous faults (mostly because it's the evening and the pub beckons), so I'll be short.

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