Hakushaku to Yousei V1 to V9

Before saying anything, I'll clear something that apparently a lot of people think : I'm not a girl ; I'm a man.
I hope it don't come as too huge of a shock for some... Well I don't think Armaell is such a feminine name, for a moment I thought it was my avatar, but it's a male one, and also this misunderstanding happen even on other medias where I don't use this avatar.
So mystery...

Even though I'm a man, I enjoy some girly reading, I confess. So it's with pleasure I announce that I compiled Hakushaku to Yousei which is definitely a girly reading, and when I'll have a time, I'll read it. Now, I also hope to please my feminine public, even though if I use the mails and facebook as an indicator, I have a good chunk of girls. So unless popular belief, girls seems to exist, and even more than we think at first look in the LN world.
Which is a good new. Now my gf is not part of it, but she asked to watch LOTR recently and she is totally enjoying it. You're not caring ,but I like it and I don't care about what you care too.

So enjoy (the book, not my gf) !


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Lalitaaa / 5 Mar 2016 1:53
Lol I've always thought you were a guy! I'm glad you enjoy girly reading as well, since it also benefits us female leechers haha. Thanks for your hard work!
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ChauDuong / 6 Mar 2016 3:28
Thank you! Love your translations so much! It's very nice of you to make and share the ebook ♥♥♥

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