Gekkou Side Stories 1 and 2

Hey it's Nephery here.

The Gekkou Side Stories have both been linked to the library...

Well at least one of them is, the other one broke somehow. Of course, I can't do anything about it and so I'd like to thank Armaell for all his hard work!

For those who were wondering, yes, for the sake of completeness, I will be making an EPUB for the main story. But right now, Baka-Tsuki's generated EPUB for it is fairly decent. Which means that this will be a fairly low priority (i.e. don't expect it anytime soon).

Also, I recommend that you read the side stories AFTER the main story. They do contain some spoilerish content.

Other than that, enjoy the side stories!


Armaell / 16 Feb 2016 6:23
Boh, just the cache which does not clean correctly anymore when you edit stuff in the administration.  
I've just optimised the code yesterday by removing an useless cache access, well maybe it was not a mistake and it was actually useful.  
You're happy now? 
Nephery / 19 Feb 2016 17:52
Very. Thanks!
Dantziel / 19 Feb 2016 18:53
can someone translate LN Psycome please, since utusuro no hako to zeroth no maria has come to an end, i feel empty inside 
Armaell / 20 Feb 2016 11:57
I have been informed that Psycome is licensed, so you won't see it in the Library. Plus we're not translator ^^"
Dantziel / 20 Feb 2016 13:28
well thanks, yet i read some of LN , but the feeling isnt like this two novel that i already read

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