Only Sense Online

And here's the last series to be linked to the library. From here on out, I'll be (finally) posting new EPUBs.

Only Sense Online by no means brings anything special to the VRMMORPG genre (aside from the fact that its one of the few without any romance). There's no "trapped in the game" premise or super big bad evil corporation/hackers. Instead, its just about a guy (using a female character) casually playing a sandbox VRMMORPG as an archer craftsmen. It explores the game aspects of the premise pretty thoroughly and personally, I find it to be the closest thing to playing a real MMORPG. Hell, there's even those annoying PVPers who kill noobs for kicks (*cough* Blade and Soul *cough*).

So if you're looking for a light read and can handle a gender-bent protagonist (which is mostly used for comedy and as an excuse for the author to have the MC do cute things) then give it a go.


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Ravenwood / 20 Feb 2016 3:59
Are you going to upload the other volumes?
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Nephery / 20 Feb 2016 15:17
Unlikely. The ones on Krytyk's site are already pretty good.

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