Agent of the Realm by Armaell

And here Armaell save the day ! Right in time even though nobody expected it (anymore?) !

Well, I have to admit I didn't even had yet to finish read it. Still from what I've read (and remember), it's Andur so it's safe (safe in term of quality, not content) : Action, crazy comedy, -15 maybe -18, true power-fest with an overpowered MC and his family that all purely incarnate the genres in themselves.
The whole Court of Souls is a good refresh on Andur's serie ; Court of Souls throw directly our MCs at god level, and in the same time put them at their weakest ever. Agent of the Realm also offer a change of character really appreciable.

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4 Mai Daughter Down by Nephery

You know how this rolls:

The LN series was licensed => I be removing it.

Enjoy the legally translated glory on J-novel's site!

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Risou 5 by Armaell

Hello all.

France speaking, and here as you MAY know we're electing our new president today ; like my girlfriend is literally stressing, buying alcohol to drown herself to forget or to celebrate depending on the result. On my side, I'm following unallowed polls in France to keep me busy.

But who care about a president if you have a King ? No... a QUEEN !

Long live the queen !

(Also please go support our kind translator, the most fervent follower of the queen)

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Rokujouma volumes 21 and 22 by Toshiya

Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? Volume 21 and 22 are up! 

This is probably the last update for this series...

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Mushoku Tensei 15 now with illustrations ! by Armaell

Hey, it's Armaell ! Surprise ! Long time no see ^^"

Alright, I was totally under the radar for a looot of things. I've yet to check my mails since my phone stopped to fetch them (no idea why. It ended by resuming fetching my personal inbox, but never the website's one). So I know I may have over 9000's...

For now I'll try to still resuming some activity on my side (and read mails). Enjoy this one.

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Sekai Ichi no Imouto-sama by swhp

Hi everyone, I would like to give you Sekai Ichi no Imouto-sama or Sekaimo. This is the first Korean Novel that I've read, try to looking something new and decided to pick this and making the epub.

To be honest the story is average in my opinion, there is no big different with typical Japanese Light Novel. Besides the comedy that I can said is very Korean, the story itself have a lot similarity with Japanese LN especially for loli, harem, and lucky bastard MC that loved by the beauty and strongest Heroine.

Well, maybe I'm really to old for this kind of stories but I've plan to pick one or two again Korean Novel from imoutoliciouslnt. Then, have fun with Sekai Ichi no Imouto-sama.

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