To aru Shoujo to sono Shinyu no Nichijo
Short story Preview

To Aru Shoujo to Sono Shinyu no Nichijo
Short Story

“Ne~e ne, Saffron, did you know? This country Ouji-sama seems to have live his life as a girl in another house until he reached his adult age. It seems that, they did this to avoid him from being assassinated.”

My friend used her usual calm tone to reply to my words.

“I know, it is a common practice among the nobility in this country.”

Beautiful black hair, green eyes that shined with intelligence, slightly slender and supple body which brought envy from others and fine, fair skin. She is really a beautiful woman who can brought sigh to whoever see it. This is my best friend. Saffron.

However her usual face which was lack of any expression did not show any kind of shock from hearing about it.

“What the heck, I thought it was such an amazing thing.”

I was feeling disappointed as I sighed. When I was a small child, I had lived in another country, therefore there are many things that I do not know about this country. Even so, every single time, Saffron did not show any surprised from whatever tidbits I told her about.

I quickly regroup myself as I continued to talk to Saffron brightly.

“Ne~e, ne what kind of person is the current Ouji-sama? Does he looks like a girl?”

The age of the Ouji-sama should be the same as the both of us. It is just another one year until the both of us are going to be an adult. My breast have been growing up a bit. Though my height is still on the shorter side. On the country, my best friend is quite tall… though her breast seems to be pretty modest. I never said it with my mouth but I wonder if she was concerned about it.

Don’t worry, there are still many possibilities for it to grow more in the future!

The prince is already a young man rather than a boy. I wonder if it is still possible for him to wear woman clothing. Still, since both King and the Queen are very beautiful, I think there is nothing to be worried about. In fact, I think it will suit him well.

My imagination begin to run wildly.

“Not interested in it.”

My best friend replied flatly.

“E~. Boring.”

I was angry with my best friend’s bad attitude.

“Come on, the next lesson is starting, let’s go back to the classroom.”

Though my best friend said so, but I was still in a bad mood. Don’t think that I will followed what you say easily.

“You have to hold my hand.”

Saffron looks troubled with my word. Recently, it was hard for me to get her to hold my hand as we walk. Only once in a while did we get to walk hand in hand.

But today, I will not forgive her until she hold my hand.

I stubbornly sit down and did not move. However, my hand was aimed towards my best friend.

Quickly grab it, grab it now–.

“Mo, I just cannot win against you…”

Looking at me, Saffron sighed as she hold my hand…

U~e, I did it.

As my mood began to recover, I started walking hand in hand with my best friend.

“What is this?”

“What is wrong?”


I felt that my best friend hand is getting bigger than before. It completely wrapped all over my hand. Her hand is so beautiful with long fingers and it suits her very well.

But girls are supposed to be delicate, therefore such things might brought the feeling of complex to her, hence I did not dare to speak aloud about it.

“Mo, what is it?”

“It is nothing. Hey.”

I hold my best friend’s hand tightly as both of us walked together to the classroom.


“Ne~e ne, look at this!”

I was in a good mood as I showed my best friend what I got in my hand.

“What is this?”

Towards my best friend who shook her head, I raised it and told her a little proudly

“Fuffuffu, I have received a love letter.”

I saw it in the shoe box early this morning. Ahem, with all my might, I raised my face up as I bend backward (Like this perhaps). However, with one look from my best friend, I instantly restored my normal posture. I reflexively began to move.

“Wha- what are you looking at?”

My best friend scowled at me with a terrible face.


The voice that I normally thought as cool and husky is becoming further lower. The dose was so low that it was pretty scary….

It seems that it is true that beautiful person looked scary when angered.

“Why do you look angry?”

Did I do something that make her felt angry? Perhaps it was a bad things for me to do a little bragging. But for a person as beautiful as Saffron who is definitely able to get marriage proposal and invitation for picking and choosing, she should not be angry at all.

“I am not angry at all; changing the subject, what are going to do with that?”

I am just going to tell you that currently my best friend is looking at me with a smiling face. But, I did not feel that there was anything that I could laugh about it. Or is this the first time for my expressionless friend to smile so openly (though it is only her face)?

The atmosphere seems to be strange at the moment. But I also did not want to be rude.

“Well, I will leave this matter alone for the time being.”

Actually I want to share this kind of love story with my best friend. My best friend is so beautiful, but I never heard of any love rumors regarding her. Maybe she had been hiding it from everyone else. So far I have never had this type of conversation with her.

However, we can bonded through discussing the girls’ trouble.  To have one or two love stories is a part of the youth rites, right?

“Hmm, where is it?”

When I tried to open the letter, my best friend watched it intently.

Oo, surprising interest?

Even though I was wondering if she hate love story based on her previous attitude, this might be kind of unexpected.

I glanced at my best friend who is in my back staring at my letter, as I opened the letter, my mood seems to have been restored.

“Etto, what is it, what is it. From before, I have like your cute and bright self who is similar to the dandelion. I will be waiting for you at the back building of the west dormitory after school. Please give me your answer there. Because, eee-`”

I was feeling slightly bashful reading the words in that letter that when I turn to face my best friend I could not help but jumped a little.

Because she had a scary face again.

“Wha- wha-wha- what is wrong?


Is it really so? However, just now there seems to be something particular, hmm is it something that I don’t understand? Or is it only in my mind? Yeah, it must be.

“So what are you going to do?”

My best friend speak to me as she hold her arm. For a moment, she is furrowing her brow. However, the content of the conversation does not seems to be the so called love stories.

Un, it must be. The strategies for me to have a conversation on love story with my best friend seems to have succeeded.

“For the time being, let’s meet him.”

Though I did not really know that person well; but I can’t really refused from meeting him. For me to have this kind of conversation in the future with my best friend, I will never know when I will be able to experience this kind of love story again. So, it is like killing two birds with one stone.

As soon I answered, my best friend seems to release cold air from inside her, but surely it is only in my mind. Because it was in my mind twice, therefore what happens twice will happen three times.

“Eee~ I’m looking forwards to after school.”

After the school ended, and as soon as I finished with this love letter business, I will used this setting as a seed for my conversation with Saffron. Maybe as we talk about it I will be able to learn about those things that I do not know about her.

As I thought about that, I could not help but looking forwards to the end of school period.

And as soon the school end, I was waiting at the back of the west dormitory’s building. I had been waiting for half an hour, but still no one came. What appeared before me is my best friend.

“A-re, Saffron?”

I asked her to wait for me at the school gate, but I wondered if she came to picked me up thinking that it was getting late.

“It seems like he did not come.”

My best friend stated, so I nodded.

“Well, I guess it was a joke… It is so rude.”

I never did consider this as a disappointment, but I have been made to wait. I am totally angry with this. The time that I should use to spend with my best friend had been decreased. Thinking of that make me feel annoyed.


As soon as I saw my best friend’s face, such thought blew away.

“What’s wrong? That…”

On my best friend beautiful face there was seems to be a blue bruise. What a thing to do to this artwork face which should be considered as a national treasure! Who committed such violence? If so, I will never forgive them.

“It is fine, I only hit it a bit.”

My best friend moved her head, but it cannot be that trifling. On that white face, the purple blue bruise was painfully spreading.

“I do not think that it is fine. For now let’s treat it anyway!”

I pulled my best friend’s hand and ran into the dormitory. If there was any traces left from this, I did not think that I will be able to face my best friend’s mother in the future.

Mo, the things about that love letter or whatever left from it was no longer important, for now let’s hurry and entered the dormitory.

My best friend somehow look happy but maybe that is my mind playing trick with me for the fourth time?


“Ne~e ne, since we are here, let’s go for a swim!”


Towards my word, my best friend showed her scowling face with all her might. I wondered if I had said something weird for her to do that. I scratched my head.

Today was a holiday, therefore the both of us had gone to visit the grassland spring which is located a bit far off from the academy. My best friend hobby is quite a manly one as she enjoyed horseback riding. Since this was the long awaited beauty, with her graceful smile among our social circle, she might be able to catch the interest of that rumored Ouji-sama, however, there are many things that did not run so smoothly in this world.

No, if you are as beautiful as my best friend, I think she might be able to captures the Ouji-sama, no doubt.

I also tried to learn horseback riding since it was my best friend’s hobby, but it seems that I did not have any talent for it’ I had been rescued by my best friend that one time when I was shook off from the horse and since then, my best friend had forbid me from practicing it again.

Since it could not be help, I had put my saddle on the same horse my best friend was going to ride in. My best friend ways of handling the horse is so awesome and amazing that she seems to be more reliable than my own father.

We departed for this trip together, however as the sun shines brightly, today weather was quite hot. The water of the fountain look so pretty that I thought it will be quite pleasant to swim there, therefore my earlier suggestion.

“What are you going to do about your bathing suit?”

So my best friend told me, I could not help but nodded. My best friend is wearing a riding habit, while I was wearing a dress. By the way, I thought of wearing a riding habit earlier but Saffron told me that I could wear my dress. Ma, it’s okay, but…

Saffron who was wearing a riding habit appeared so cool that she look like a manly woman (Danso). Well leaving that thing aside, I answered my best friend question clearly.

“We can always use our underwear, can’t we?”

“Absolutely cannot!’

It was rare for me to be opposed in a strong tone that my mouth could not helped but turn sour.

“Well, why not? Because today is so hot, would it not be pleasant to swim around. Besides that, this place is quite far away from the city, so there is no one who will see us. What’s more, the sun is also shining brightly today, so our wet underwear will dry soon enough.”

“No means no! This is not something that the daughter of a noble should do~”

Even Saffron learn about horseback riding, swordsmanship and so on….

I have been with Saffron for a long time now, but I noticed that both of us had never played in the water together. Well, the more I was opposed to do something, the more reason for me to do it.

“Ok, then I will swim alone.”

If my best friend saw that I was having fun, she might be tempted to join me as well.

I dare think so, thus I began to push out the button of my dress one by one so that I can use my underwear to swim. Nevertheless…


Saffron grasped and stopped my hand.

“What are you doing?”

Mu~u, why are you stopping me, my best friend!

“I already told you no, right~”

That was because Saffron did not want to wear underwear in the public, but I did not care a bit about it. I want to take a pleasant swim and then tempting my best friend to join me playing in the water.

Well in a sense, it is quite related.

“Let me go.”

I tried taking my clothes off as I stared at my best friend.

Gugugu (stare)

Despite that, my hand could not move at all. From that beautiful thin body, where did that strength came from….? As I tried to resist more, her strength becoming stronger and stronger.

“It’s hurt.”

Pain began to run from my wrist that I could not help but shout. Hearing that my best friend released her hand from me.


Then weirdly she apologized in panic.

When I look at my released wrist, it seems that it had turned a bit red.

“It’s okay.”

I answered as I blew over my wrist with a teary eyes. My best friend was surprisingly strong. I wonder if it was due to her manly hobby even though she possessed such fragile appearances. It seems that her hobby is quite a difficult one.

It was okay if you are unwilling to take your clothes off, but what are you doing preventing me from taking off my own?

Could it be….?

Suddenly a feeling flashed in my heart.

“Maybe Saffron.”


From my serious tone, Saffron also replied with somewhat serious expression.

“Did you really mind having a small breast?”

Rather than unwilling to take bath herself, she is more unwilling to see me taking one myself. I wonder if it is because she is worried about her own small breast.

Saffron did not response towards my inquiries. I took Saffron hand and bring it to my chest.

“You did not have to worry much. Even I did not have a big one; it is not much different than yours.”

Even though I have been saying that it have grew up a bit, truthfully my breast I still small than the average.

I tried not to talk about this topic which brought so much insecurities to girls however in order to avoid much complexes in the future, for this moment, it is important for me to talk about it firmly.

Looking at Saffron, she suddenly turn rigid while her face turn red and her mouth was keep opening and closing. It is unusual for her to look this upset.

This is… a bull’s eye!

I continued to speak as I pressed my best friend’s hand to my chest more tightly.

“Look, there is no differences right? Because the value of a girl is not related towards their chest. Saffron is a wonderful girl, you did not have to worry about such things at all.”

At the end of my word, my best friend bounced back from her shocked state and at the same time cried out with a red face as she tried to withdraw her hand from my chest immediately.

“It is nothing like that.”

“Un, un, I understand.”

It is also the role of a best friend to accept the obstinacy of her partner. I am a lady, so I would not do something unrefined. That’s why I nodded with a composure expression.

Then, my best friend suddenly gripped my shoulder as she scowled at me with a terrible expression; it seems that our position had been reversed at the moment. The composure aura that I had earlier completely blown off due to the pressure emitted by my best friend.

“Did you do this kind of things with other man?”

“What are you talking about?”

My best friend is shouting at me with a threatening attitude, though I do not understand what she is being like this… While I was being stunned halfway, I asked her back for confirmation.

“Trying to remove your own clothes, putting his hand on your breast!”

“Un, un. Of course I will never do that.”

There is no way that I will do such things. It is because my partner is girl and most importantly she is my best friend Saffron. Do not get me wrong.

I really want to say that, but I was too scared to refute.

“Let’s go home already.”

Towards my best friend who are ready to leave, I instinctively speak out.

“Then, what about the bath?”

She stared at me in silent. After this, for a while, the topic on bath will not be able to be discussed anymore. It is truly a blunder to touch on the subject about one’s breast.

While thinking so, I lean my back into my best friend and ride the horse back to the dormitory.


“Ne~e ne, when is the firework going to start?”

“Maybe in just a minute.”

Today I am visiting the festival with Saffron. It is the festival of celebrating the birth of god which is also known as Kami-sama. At the end of the festival, there were usually firework performances.

We had brought sweet beforehand from the stalls and currently both of us are sitting on a nice hills waiting for the firework.

“In just a while, we will become an adult.”

We will soon graduate from the school and at the same time reach the age of an adult. The daughter of a noble will usually be sent off for marriage somewhere as soon as they reach adulthood. In my case, there is still no marriage proposal in sight, though.

How about Saffron? Right now, she had not tell me much. But for a beautiful Saffron, she must have received enough courtship from others, right?

Though Saffron and I are a good friend, to tell the truth, I did not know much about her house or her family. However, this type of mysteriousness is also the part of my best friend’s charm.

“Marriage, huh…”

Though my age is approaching adulthood, however, the reality does not seems to hit me yet.

“What do you think if both of us are getting married?”

I have been with Saffron for a long time now, however once I get married, I might not be able to spend my time with her like I used to be. When I think about it, I could not help but felt depressed.

“It might not be possible for us to stay together as much…”

My best friend is taciturn more than usual today. But I kept talking because I knew she was listening to it properly.

“Do you think that Saffron and I can have a wonderful marriage?”

“Do you want to get married?”

“Un, I still did not know about it. However, if you get to have a wonderful marriage, isn’t it good?”

Saffron will surely met a wonderful person. She is such a beautiful, gentle and attractive person. So I wanted a wonderful person to stand next to my best friend. Though it seems that there was a burdening feeling in my heart.

And then.

“I wish for a gentle person.”

I hope that the gentle person would not be angry with me for going out to see Saffron every day.

To marry that kind of person is good for me.

My best friend did not give me any reply towards my thought on my future husband. Maybe she did not like to discuss this type of story.

Actually, I did not want to think much about this, because I might someday be separated from Saffron.

While I am thinking about it, suddenly the firework started.

“By the way, did you know? For lovers who kiss during the last firework, they will be bound together, forever.”

Political marriage is not something unfamiliar within the marriage between the aristocratic families. But, if you were able to marry your lovers, it might bring you much more happiness. Right now, with my best friend by my side, I have a lifetime partner.

“Is that so?”

Within that soft reply, the joy seems to slowly being boiled up.

“Eh, you did not know? It seems that I finally taught Saffron something that she did not know about.”

Since the day I met my best friend, it had always been me who is being taught by her. It seems that today is finally the day where I am able to taught something to Saffron,

That quite nice.

“It is a beautiful firework.”

“You are right.”

The firework which soared in the night sky leaving behind the afterglow of various color before melting into the dark night sky.

And then another big firework began to dye the night sky.

“Ah, it is the last firework.”

At the moment I tried to tell Saffron about the last firework, my lips was blocked with something. With surprise in my eyes, I could see the face of my best friend and the light of the firework illuminate the night sky.

As the fireworks goes out, the surrounding area began to regain its silence.

“Did you kiss me, just now…?”


My best friend answer is so clear though it trembling somewhere.

“Is that so…”

I cannot find anything to say except that as I nodded with a stupid voice.

I was kissed… My best friend…

Maybe this is….

“Is this your wish so that we will be able to stay together, forever?”

I was in a good mood as I found my answer. The feeling of weary that come from the approaching of graduation and adulthood began to disappear.

“That’s right. Even if I can’t have a boyfriend, I can still be together with my best friend.”

The feeling of wanting to stay together. I did not even have to get worry about having a lover. I am glad that my best friend had executed the kiss as a part of a good luck charm so that the both of us can always stay together.

With a face which was tinged with red, my best friend said in astonishment.

“We did not have to be best friend though.”

There is no mistaken that she is currently embarrassed. Because she wanted to stay with me, she kissed me. For my best friend who always looked calm, this might be embarrassing for her.

Unlike my best friend, my sulking face only looked childishly cute.

Fuffuffu, a loving one.

“Mou, don’t be shy. No matter who I met, you will be my best friend. No, the greatest best friend.”

While grasping her red cheek, I hold her hand.

“If my future marriage prospect did not let me meet Saffron every day, I will kick them away.”

“No, that will be a big problem…”

“Eh, what is it?”

Engagement aside, I will refused all of it if I did not get to stay with my best friend, and that was my current feeling.

“You will understand about that in a while.”

“Eh, what that is?”

“I will not tell you now.”

My best friend did not give me any answer. However it is okay; the both of us is still here. She hold my hand with her slightly bigger hand as I gazed over the night sky where the fireworks had vanished.

“Yeah, let’s stay together, forever.”

The End

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