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The End of Peace and the Coming of Heroes
Prologue Chapter 2

Prologue Chapter 2 – The recognition of the end

I entered the classroom, this year I was in Class 2-B, once again I was with Akira, not to say that's bad but I seriously thought we would get separated this year, well that doesn't matter that much anyway.

"It seems that the lottery box has been set-up, c'mon let's go draw before anyone else arrives." [Akira]

 - What Akira was referring to at the time was the box at the front of the room, you put your hand in through the small hole and grab a seat number, and that would be the seat you'd be in for the year, pretty simple if you think about it really. -

"Hmm, I wonder what seat I'll be in this year, getting a seat at the front like last year again would be pretty unlucky, so let's hope I have better luck this year."

"You should go first; No-one else has drawn yet so you could get any seat." [Akira]

I'm not convinced that this was purely from the kindness of his heart, he probably just doesn't want to go first...

I approached the podium where the box was and extended my hand into it.

"I guess, here goes nothing." [Kaitou]

I pulled out the piece of paper that would decide my next year, though I had little hope to begin with, I looked at the number on the paper that I had drawn, with Akira also drawing his face close to take a peak.

"Number 5, wait, isn't that the corner window seat!?" [Akira]

"So it is..." [Kaitou]

"Dude, aren't you going to be a bit more excited, you got the famous corner seat!" [Akira]

I normally would have been remotely happy but It didn't feel right. I'm not sure how else to explain the emotions I was feeling at that moment. It just that this didn't feel right.

"Akira, I've got a question." [Kaitou]

"Huh, what is it?" [Akira]

"Don't you think that was too lucky? I mean that was what, a 1/25 chance, I know it's not impossible but still..." [Kaitou]

"Y*** proba**y ove***inki*g thi*gs." [Akira?]


As soon as I try to think about Akira’s words, my reoccurring dilemma returned, it's the pain, I can feel the blood surging through my brain's blood vessels, they feel like they could explode at any moment now.

"I can't give up this time! This morning's been weird as it is, I know it, if only I can figure out the..."

At that moment the pain intensified tenfold, as if reacting to my ability to still think, I felt like I was going to faint any second, but as before...

"This isn't funny; you know..." [Akira]

After hearing Akira's voice, the majority of it left me, but this time I could remember it, I could still feel just a bit of pain.

And so once again I returned to the classroom, standing right next to the podium.

"It looks like from Akira's point of view I've just been staring at him for the last 30 seconds."

"So he can't visually see me in pain during the time-frame I feel it."

Since the pain didn't fully disappear, this time I could remember that I had surely felt it, and that something was in fact, terribly wrong.

It wasn’t your normal cold, nor was it a fever. It felt… wrong, as if a part of my brain was simply unwilling to cooperate.

For now, it seemed like I had no other choice but to continue through the day until I could figure out what was going on.

"Yeah, since you're not talking, I guess I'll draw my seat number then." [Akira]

"There we go, that's what I'm talking! Seat number 10, at the center-left back and right next to you." [Akira]

It didn't seem like Akira was ignoring my earlier statement, it seemed like he'd forgotten it or that I had never said it in the first place.




The day continued, as time passed on more and more people filled the classroom, I could feel the glares as people came to realize that the 'best seat' had already been taken.

Though I didn't really register much beyond my direct line-of-sight since I was too busy thinking, sitting there at my newly-assigned seat.

"Let's see, everyone's acting normally and of the things that seems out of place we have one particularly strong... 'headache'?"

"Everyone, take your seats, class is about to start." [Ritsuko-sensei]

As time passed by, amongst my classmates, some seemed full of energy looking like they were ready to remember everything that was going to be taught for the next month, whilst others looked much more lethargic.

I would belong to the latter group, even without the bizarre events of today.

After the typical 'Welcome back! This year...' speech we went through some generally unimportant things, but it's not like I cared at that point anyway.

I had exhausted all of my thoughts on the odd parts of the day, deeming it impossible to figure out.

"If only something interesting would happen..."

I sighed and looked around the classroom looking at everyone who was attentively listening and those faking the same, and then my eyes reached the center-back of the room, but this time my eyes met with someone.

"Huh? Irie-san is staring at me again?"

Our eyes only met for a couple of seconds, but she quickly became flustered and looked away.

Akira being in-between us soon came to his own conclusion that something had happened, turned to me and smiled then he simply looked back at Ritsuko-sensei returning his face to his usual expression.

Later, as break started, he almost instantly turned to me and let out a smirk.

"So, she's your type... I never would have thought you would be into the Silent Irie though"

- 'Silent Irie', that was nickname that Yuuna Irie had earned herself after being silent in almost every option, no matter the situation and only answering when she was asked questions by the teacher. From what I gathered, she generally had no friends and would occasionally stare me (which I found odd, but just got used to as part of my life).

"I mean I understand how you might be attracted to her feminine wiles but seriously you've got to think about why she's always by herself." [Akira]

"..." [Kaitou]

"..." [Akira]

"Never mind, I take back what I said, you both are a great pair with your love for awkward silence." [Akira]

As Akira turned away, I returned to my thoughts, but as I had been all morning, even though I knew something wasn't right, if I couldn't place my finger on it then it was all meaningless.

Once again boredom ruled me, as I sat there watching others interact and laughing amongst themselves.

"I wish life was a little less... dull".

Since I was sitting at a new desk, I decided to look through it.

There what I found was beyond me, I had found notebook from last year, now at a first-glance this may seem unremarkable, but considering that I had been sitting at another desk, and that I could say for a fact that this notebook was accidently burnt last year, then things didn't seem all so normal.

 - This was the start of the end of my everyday life that had already ceased to exist. -

--------------                                           End of Chapter                                                   --------------

Author’s Note ―

Protagonist-kun is about to go on an adventure! Or is he? Nope he is, because if he doesn’t... The novel ends here? Wait?! That’s the best idea I’ve ever had! Anyway, enough of my non-sense I’ll see you next week!

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I do apologize to all of my readers for the delay with this chapter, it seems there was something wrong stopping the chapter from uploading properly, but it has now been fixed. Sorry about that, and I hope you enjoy the chapter!
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