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The End of Peace and the Coming of Heroes
Prologue Chapter 1

Prologue Chapter 1 - The start of a ‘normal’ day


*beep-beep-beep* *beep-beep-beep*

"Do I have to get up..." [Kaitou]

- That morning was like any other, I got up to the sound of my alarm clock practically waking up everyone in the neighbourhood. -

I slowly opened my eyes, and proceeded to stop the alarm.

My ears still ringing, I got out of bed.

Today was another day in my everyda... As I rubbed my eyes and looked up, my brain shifted to a single thought.

-Now I think back to it, this was the moment when the illusion started to shatter-

"There's a hole in my bedroom wall."

As far as I know when people wake up, they don't normally expect their street to be in full view.

My thoughts were as follows "Considering the facts, if I think about this too deeply I'm going to regret it, but if I don't think about it at all I'll still regret it."

Thus the conclusion I came to was "I've got it, I'll think about it later! I'm such a genius!"

“What!? I’m not stupi…”



“It sho**d b* f*ne.”

And so came an end to my internal monologue, and the start of the day I would remember for the rest of my life.

After I'd finished staring at the empty space where concrete used to be for ten seconds, I promptly turned around and started preparation for school. Whilst changing into my uniform, my brain sort of drifted off, maybe as an attempt to distract myself from the ‘events’ of the morning.

I sometimes wondered, why weren't my parents ever at home, I mean my father works overseas but when it gets to the point when you only hear from him once every year, and that’s over the phone, you wonder if that's really what a father should be like.

It's not like my mother's any better though, I mean I don't even know what she does for a living never mind when she's going to be home, or where she is.

When I finished my morning's daily schedule, you know, using the bathroom, eating breakfast, watching the news, I finally returned to my room to get my bag, as I entered the room I looked around...

There was noth**g w*ong.

I simply made my bed, picked up my school back and promptly headed to my bedroom door to take one last look at my bedroom.

The tidy bed, my old closet, the bedside table were all there, my eyes were suddenly drawn to the wall, it was completely normal, my brain was telling me that that's how it should be, and that its always been like that, to which I was in complete agreement but my gut feeling was telling that there was something wrong, that the wall shouldn't have been perfectly fine.

As I tried to think about it, my head starting feeling like it was being split open, after trying to resist the feeling, the pain only worsened, but as quickly as it had onset, the feeling disappeared.

“I don't know what just came over me but I think it would be best not to think about it.”

I looked around once again, I saw the tidy bed, the old closet, the bedside table, they were all there, and after looking around I quickly left my room to head to school.


After I left the house, I started to walk down the usual path that I take every day to school, looking at the same scenery I've seen for the last year.

As I headed towards my high school, after walking for around five minutes along the path, there I encountered my best friend, Akira.

- For the last year, I've been in the same class as the guy before me, Akira Kasaragi, we ended up sitting next to each other for the first term, and after that, as time passed, we became close friends. -

"Hey! Kaitou, where've you been lately? I haven't seen you recently" [Akira]

"Ah... About that, I have a part-time jo..." [Kaitou]


For some reason, I stopped before I could finish my sentence.

"Did I have a part-time job?"

I tried to think about it, what I had been doing yesterday, yet only the words 'Part-time job' would appear in my head. A few seconds past, and then, once again, the nauseating feeling re-appeared, and once again, did my head feel like it was being broken apart.

"Dude, you feeling okay? You look a bit out of it." [Akira]

I snapped back to reality to find Akira's hand waving in front of my eyes.

"Oh, yeah, sorry about that, I'm feeling better now." [Kaitou]

"I'm getting the same feeling as this morning, I feel like I was thinking about something important... Never mind"


Resuming the earlier journey, we continued walking to school.

"So, there was something I've been wondering for some time now, Kaitou, are you straight?" [Akira]

"What's with that outrageous question!? Of course I am!" [Kaitou]

"Are you sureee? I mean, name one girl you like in our class." [Akira]

I tried to think about it seriously for a few seconds, but no-one came to mind, I mean our class has some cute girls and even some pretty beautiful ones as well, but none of them really appealed to me... I've got an idea.

"Hmm, what about Ritsuko-sensei?" [Kaitou]

- Ritsuko-sensei was our homeroom teacher, the majority of the guys in our class thought she was a beauty and that she had pretty good looks but she's really strict, so most guys wouldn't dare talk about that anywhere near her. - 

"You've got to be kidding." [Akira]

"Yeah, that was a joke." [Kaitou]

After a couple of seconds, we both burst out laughing. Generally, in the morning we wouldn't talk too much on the way to the school, so this was what you might call a 'refreshing change of pace'.

"But seriously, I never would have thought you would make a joke like that..." [Akira]

"Neither did I, to be perfectly honest" [Kaitou]

Whilst continuing our light-hearted conversation, we eventually arrived at school.


--------------                                           End of Chapter                                                   --------------


Author’s Note ―

I sometimes take a look at how Kaitou seems to be and wonder if I should just the make the story about how he has a split personality, and then showing how he eventually goes crazy and slowly but surely ends his own high school life… This is idea gold! *Start noting down stupid ideas*.

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nice start dude.
Hope to see Ritsuko-sensei soon. <3
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Artres / 4 Dec 2016 22:44
Thanks! It great to see that people are reading my novel. Also, don't you worry Ritsuko-sensei should be joining the story so on. (evil laugh) - No clue why I laugh like this.
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seiren / 7 Dec 2016 15:26
When will prologue Chapter 2 release?

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