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The End of Peace and the Coming of Heroes
Prologue Chapter 3

Prologue Chapter 3 – The notebook and reality.

“This notebook…!?” [Kaitou].

The notebook was one I had kept to write in when class started to drag on or to simply doddle in to pass the time.

Whilst still surprised I quickly decided it would be best to check the contents, but…

“They’re different?!” [Kaitou]

After saying this, since I had said it fairly loud, a few people nearby looked at me in funny way, yet it didn’t really bother me, the fact that the contents changed was way too important.

Alongside the various notes that I recognized from last year, there were some scribbles with noticeably different handwriting. ‘Look at reality!’, ‘Was your desire this weak?’, ‘Are you really going to let thi—‘.

The sentences were quickly written almost as if expressing a sense of urgency of their own.

“Don’t I recognise this handwriting?”

Akira, after looking at my face for a couple of seconds, moved his desk over.

“Something troubling you, bud?” [Akira]

Looking up, I quickly closed the notebook, and turned to him.

Based on Akira’s previous reaction, it seems pointless even if I did talk to him about the notebook, he’d probably even forget about it after like earlier, leaving me suffering once again but this time for no reason.

Deciding it would be best not to tell Akira about what I’d seen this time was the result of a short period of thinking, even if he reacted better this time, I’m not the type to get my friends involved in my problems.

“Nothing much? Why do you ask?” [Kaitou]

“Woah, that change in facial expression is unreal, you were just looking really serious for a second there…” [Akira]

“Don’t worry about it, I just remembered that I’d forgotten to lock my door this morning” [Kaitou]

“Really? You might want to go sort that out at lunch, you live nearby anyway it should be fine to check it out then. I’ll even come with you if you want.” [Akira]

“Ahh, that’s reassuring, thanks I’ll take you up on that.” [Kaitou]

What I said there was obviously a lie, but if I were to refuse Akira’s help at that point it would look suspicious.

After the end of our short conversation, the bell rang, and break time came to end.

I put the notebook into my bag, though I was curious, having Akira sitting next to me, he’d probably figure out the connection, between it and my serious expression.

“For now, I’ll put up with class then…”


After students returned to their seats, Ritsuko-sensei opened the classroom door and started our 3rd lesson of the day.

“So, let’s start on the topic of the Meiji Restoration--” [Ritsuko-sensei]

“It’s time to return to my mental world it seems.”

Besides Akira, the class generally saw me as delinquent, since I don’t really pay attention to class, though I had my reasons.

I would spend my lunch times at the library for the majority of last year, with my classmates assuming I’d gone to rooftop or something cliché to waste the lunch break away.

Using the resources there, I would do some studying or research, Akira after getting used to this pattern would sometimes ‘tag along’ as he liked to put it.

As a result of diligent studying, plus all the free time I wanted at home, it put me generally in front of the class in terms of lesson material and general knowledge in all subjects.

Really, thinking about it, I should be treated like some sort of honour student, yet since I hate, and I mean I really hate people who act and pretend to be nice and kind just to become friends with someone they can later use to for personal gain, be it in society or in school.

Since life is hard for those who stand out in our school, I decided it was best to simply just aim to get average scores of tests, maybe even on the lower-end. It seemed like a terrible idea at first, but realizing that’s all it would take for people to tell me their genuine opinions and feelings, I went with it. As expected most people started treating me like I was stupid, but since I’d achieved what I wanted, I was fine with that.

As I was staring at the board, Sensei met my glance.

“You there, Mitsuhara-san, stop daydreaming and start listening to class!” [Ritsuko-sensei]

“Sorry… I’m listening.” [Kaitou]

Whilst barely paying attention to class, I continued to think about what I’d seen earlier in the notebook.

“Hmm… do those messages have any significance? Where have I seen that handwriting before… I should know, but why can’t I remember.”

I sent my brain into overdrive, I’d seen the handwriting before but where, I needed to know, I had a feeling it would become the clue I needed to help me figure out what was going on.

“I remember… I know who’s it is…”

--------------                                           End of Chapter                                                   --------------

Author’s Note ―

Kaitou has figured out the answer, what?! Wait, I obviously know the answer too then, it’s Kaitou’s girlfriend’s writing. What? He can’t have a girlfriend prior to the story? Oh, okay… Stupid jokes aside, for the actual answer, I’ll see you next week!

February, 2017 - Just makes some short edits to make the protagonist seem less like a douche-bag and more like someone who just wants to fit in. ^_^

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