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The End of Peace and the Coming of Heroes
Prologue Chapter 0

Prologue Chapter 0 – The beginning of the end

Life, as simple as it can be, is sometimes uncontrollable to the point where you wonder what happened.


You end up in a circle of despair and regret when considering your inability to influence your own future.


If you could give up your current life to regain that right, would you?

My name is Kaitou Mitsuhara, and I wasn't given a choice when answering that question.

--------------                                           End of Chapter                                                   --------------

Author’s Note ―

I, myself, wonder why the prologue chapter that doesn’t even have a hundred words is getting an author’s note section. And then I realise that I’m writing my thoughts down and how people will start thinking about it too.

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Roat Karaca / 30 Oct 2019 14:22
How do you think about mind and body ? What knowledge or realization do you have about soul? 

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