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Terror Infinity Side B - H.O.T.D First Mission Preview

Chapter 4 - 2, H.O.T.D

 Rei Miyamoto 

The daughter of Kiriko and Tadashi Miyamoto. A classmate, childhood friend and love interest of the main character Takashi Komuro, and along with Saeko Busujima is one of the main heroines of High School of the Dead. Rei is also member of the Sojutsu (Spear) club, and her combat skills have proven to be a strong asset to the group with her weapon of choice the spear, and is also shown to be skilled with a M1A1 Rifle with a bayonet attached. 

Despite always harboring a deep affection for Takashi, his constant reluctance caused her to give up on him and date his best friend, Hisashi Igou. Although she was dating Hisashi, she never truly got over Takashi and still holds feelings for him, despite their friendship appearing totally ruined to their friends. 

Although Rei is supposed to be a senior along with Saeko, she was held back a year because of an incident where her father, the police officer in charge of investigating her teacher's father, Koichi Shido, back lashed on to her. As some sort of revenge for having his father investigated by Rei's father, he forced her to repeat the whole year and since then she has held a grudge against him. More so then for herself, she hates Shido and his father with a passion because the event lead to her father apologizing to her in tears. Rei harbors enough hate for Mr.Shido and his father that if provoked enough she is more then willing to kill than settle their differences with words. 

Kochi Shidou is the teacher of class 3-A at the High School where the Main characters went to and the central antagonist in Highschool of the Dead. 

Koichi Shido is the son of a prominent politician. When he was a child, Koichi greatly admired his father, the latter being a diet debater as well as a canidate for cabinet minister. However, while his fathers public life made him seem like a noble man, his life at home was the exact opposite. Koichi constantly heard arguments between his parents, one such fight revealed that his father was committing adultery on his wife. His mother began to drink heavily, causing her to die of alcohol poisoning when Koichi was in high school. Despite this, Koichi still trusted his father even then. 

He left home and continued his studies at a university that his father had been director of before his ascension into politics. Later, Koichi became a teacher at high school were the main characters went to, wanting to ensure a future for the next generation. 

Then some time later, his father phoned him and told him that a police officer, Rei's father in the public safety department was investigating the "real" source of his funds. Koichi was told to hold back the officer's daughter, Rei by a year in order to humiliate him and make him back off. The teacher held no grudges against Rei, but at the same time, he did not care if he mistreated her, as she was no different then other girls, since he never had any interest in women to begin with. Koichi flunked Rei without hesitation, hoping that it would bring him to ultimately achieve his own goals. 

Rei wouldn't ever accept being in the same group as Mr. Shido, and Mr. Shido was not content just with being a part of the group, but wanted to become its leader and use the group as the basis for his own organization/cult in the making. The two were currently arguing and it was beginning to get out of hand. 

As Rei's boyfriend, Hisashi disliked Mr. Shido for what he did to Rei, but because he had gotten a firm hold on half the group during the ride into the city, he wasn't too willing to start a fight needlessly. On the other hand, Takashi tried to calm Rei down and effectively conveyed that he was on her side, which made Rei happy, but in the end she couldn't take being in the same space as Mr. Shido. Then storming out in anger, Rei left the bus. 

Takashi was still the one who went after her, just like in the original plot. If there are no changes to the story then soon a run away public bus will head straight for us all. And in the attempting to escape the crash Takashi and Rei run into the tunnel next to where the bus is currently stopped (Tunnel is Anime Only). 


Aqua: Hey, you know what will happen next, right? 

Shin: Yes. Takashi and Rei will get split off from the group. It's fine not to change the plot, right? 

Aqua: Normally I would say you were right, but you guy have messed around far too much with the plot. If they do get separated then there is a good chance that an even greater danger then what they were supposed to face might come their way. 

Hikari: So shouldn't we force them back on the bus, or are we going leave them to their fate then and not mess with the plot anymore and take our chances? 

Misaki: Hey, isn't that too much of a risk? Aqua just said that it would be more dangerous for them then it was supposed to be. 

Aqua: Then just one of us will have to go with them is all. 

Shin: Will you go? 

Aqua: ...No, I'll stay here. Takashi and Rei together are worth 1100 negative points, so if something unforeseen happens to them you newbies will be wiped out because you only receive 1000 points as a base reward, but I think that God is trying to trick us about who is the most important character we should be protecting right now. 

Shin: You mean it isn't Takashi, the MC that if he dies we will lose 1000 points and us newbies could potentially be wiped out? 

Aqua: That correct. 

Hikari: Then... you mean its Shizuka Marikawa? 

Aqua: That's right. 

Misaki: Shizuka? Why? 


Shizuka Marikawa. 

The nurse of the high school were the main characters attended and and one of the main characters herself. A super busty, natural blone and even more natural airhead. She possess medical skills and carries supplies, but because most injuries in H.O.T.D lead to death and being turned into one of THEM, she rarely gets to show off her skills. She also isn't a fighter, so I couldn't see anything worth while about her. Maybe except that she has a friend in the... 


Shin: That's it! 

Misaki: What is? 

Shin: The place we need to take the main characters to after they all separate from Mr. Shido's group/cult is the home of Shizuka's friend, Rika Minami, since it is impossible to immediately get to the police precinct to meet Rei's father. That is why they will spend a part of the night/early morning there, then to Saya's place, a mall, and then the police precinct where they find that the police have retreated somewhere else. 

Misaki: So what? 

Hikari: What Shin is getting at is, if Shizuka dies, who will suggest going to Minami's place? No one and we can't suggest it because that would be revealing spoiler and would make us seem more suspicious. We are already using lousy cover stories as it is. 

Shin: It's true. Only because we have been so helpful in our escape from the undead infested school was why they weren't asking any questions that they really should be asking and that we can't answer easily. Like who were are, why we are here, and why do we have a Berreta Auto 9 from Robo Cop with infinite ammo wielded by a red haired women who can kick the assess of THEM with little effort (Hirano has already been pestering Aqua about her gun earlier on the drive here). 

Aqua: It's not just that. If she dies and doesn't suggest to go to her friends apartment the plot will change and we will be given a harder mission from God. Things like this happen as well when the guy you're supposed to be following for the mission dies outside what happens in the plot by accident, or your actions. 

Misaki: So what is the plan then? If Aqua will go with the majority of the group to protect that nurse, who will go with Takashi and that women? 

Shin: ...I'll go. 

Hikari: Shin? 

Misaki: Why you! I can- 

Shin: Your definitely strong Misaki, and so I want you to use the strength to protect Hikari here while I am away. 

Hikari: ... 

Misaski: Why do I- 

Shin: Don't forget. We haven't proven our worth yet to Aqua, so she won't go to any extra lengths to protect us. Even before, it was only to protect the main characters that Aqua took on THEM back at the school for us. That is why we will protect her and while I am gone that responsibility will go to you. 

Misaki: Still, why are you bossing me around? 

Shin: I am not. I am just asking you to repay your debt. You almost got us all killed back at the school when you rushed out like that. That is why this isn't an order, but a way to repay a debt. And as to why it has to be me, I have the most trust with the two of them for saving Hisashi's life. That's all.

Misaki: ...Tch, alright then. You can leave your woman with me till you get back. It is a promise between men. 

Shin: Alright, but she isn't my woman. 

Hikari: ...Weren't you too quick to deny that? 

Shin: What, you wanted me to say that you were my girlfriend? 

Hikari: Gross! No way would I want a otaku, virgin loser as my boyfriend. I would rather die then let you even touch my hand. 

Shin: Y-you... Your purposely doing that aren't you. Aren't you!? 

Aqua: Well, I hate to break up this lovely moment and all, but... 


Aqua pointed out the window so that we would notice the approaching vehicle. The bus that has gone out of control thanks to the driver and the passengers being turned into THEM, was at this moment heading down the road right towards us. 


Shin: Well, no more time to talk. See you guys later! 


Then without waiting for a repyl, I jumped out the window just as Takashi and Rei who were arguing outside had finally noticed the bus as it was just about to flatten them. 


Takashi: What's the driver doing? He is going to crash! 

Shin: Back away. It is going to- 


And it was just as I was warning them that the bus flipped over and skidding across the road and heading right for us three. Takashi quickly grabbed Rei and jumped backwards into the tunnel, and I followed right after them. The bus came to a stop at the entrance of the tunnel and caught fire, effectively sealing the three of us from the rest of the group on the other side. 


Saeko: Are you guys okay!? 

Takaahi: Yeah we are, but it doesn't look like we can get back there. Lets meet up... At East Police Precinct! 

Saeko: What time?! 

Takashi: Five P.M! If not today, then tomorrow at the same time! 


And with those parting words, Takashi, Rei and I ( The third wheel ) ran down the tunnel to avoid further explosions, flames and smoke from the overturned bus. 

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